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The WAC North American Pageant

location_icon.svg62 Poultney Street, Whitehall, NY, United States

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Rules of The WAC North American Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Interview, Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, , Fun Fashion, Photogenic, Costume, Activewear


About The WAC North American Pageant

Competition: Each division will compete in the following:

Opening Number:
Wear a cocktail dress/jumpsuit that is red! Must be appropriate.
On Stage Question (20%): You will be picking out questions from a list prior to pageant day so there will be no surprises! The Emcee will ask you the questions you have picked on stage. Please wear an interview type outfit or dress.

Fun Fashion (20%): You are able to wear anything you would like as long as it’s appropriate! Costumes are welcome! Show your personality!

Evening Gown (20%): You must wear a formal gown for this. Contestants are judged on confidence and character.

Volunteering (20%): You must send us a list, or some form of tracking of the volunteering you’ve done. (This is judged differently for the younger contestants. For example; cleaning bedroom or helping with chores is considered volunteering.)

Votes (20%): Voting will take place a few weeks before pageant day. All contestants earn the full 20% if they show effort into promoting themselves.

Optional Awards: These awards are additional if you would like to win more prizes:

Fitness Wear Award: Display your best workout outfit!
Swim Wear Award: Display your favorite bathing suit!
Photogenic Award: Bring in a photo of yourself!
Talent Award: Make a video of your talent! We will pick the top videos to preform on stage to win a prize pack!
Platform Award: Write an essay or make something to show us what you stand for, support or believe in!
People's Choice: The world will be able to vote for their favorite contestant on our Facebook page!

Judging: Each division will be based on how well you carry yourself on stage, motivation, and ability to follow the rules. Each part of the competition is worth 20% totaling 100%. (This does not include the optional awards.)

RULES: You are allowed to compete in other pageants or hold a title previous to winning the North American pageant. You are allowed to have one person helping you get ready for the pageant. Friends or family members are not allowed to attend rehearsal!Tattoos and body piercings are ok! All outfits must be appropriate.