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Natural Elegance Pageants

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    6th Annual Miss Smoky Mountain Southern Belle Pageant 2019

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Rules of Natural Elegance Pageants

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  • What are the phases of competition?

    Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown


About Natural Elegance Pageants

Natural Elegance is home system of the Miss Smoky Mountain Southern Belle pageant hosted on park at Dollywood in TN, the Elvis Tribute pageant, Miss Beauty in the Barn at Jaemor Farm Barn and multiple others throughout the year. Our focus is unique events with emphasis on each contestant.

Natural Elegance is a place where you and your families can come to compete in honest, Christian based, fair and most importantly, FUN and RELAXED pageants. I strive to be a perfectionist and please others. I feel that pageants are a place where girls and boys can feel beautiful and fabulous. They can teach self-respect, integrity, self-confidence and honesty. I started Natural Elegance to help young gals and guys find their inner beauty and know they are gorgeous no matter what. With our pageants, everyone has the opportunity to become a princess or prince for a day and no one will ever go home empty handed. Natural beauty is BACK!

We want everyone who comes to have an amazing experience and to gain lifelong friends and pageant family. No contestant leaves empty handed at any event!

Throughout the year, we make sure to host several fun "outisde of pageants" events for the girls to just hang out and fellowship. We believe that pageants can either be detrimental or amazingly positive for each child. We have a true pageant family with a center focus on our young ladies, not just winning a crown or title.

I want to thank you for taking to the time to visit our pageant. P