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Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. Pageant

location_icon.svgWashington D.C., DC, USA

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Rules of Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Theme Wear, Talent, Swimsuit/Fitness, Photogenic, Personal Introduction, Optional Volunteer Service Award, Optional Talent, Optional Photogenic, On-Stage Question, Interview, Evening Gown, Casual Wear


About Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. Pageant

The Ms. Full Figured D.M.V. Pageant, is held annually in August at THEARC: Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus in Washington D.C. The building will be transformed briefly into a fanciful runway as full-figured women from DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas take their turn on the stage and their chances at being crowned Ms. Full Figured D.M.V., Ms. Exquisite Full Figured D.M.V. and Ms. Full Figured D.M.V. Plus. The evening will be complete with gowns, talent competition, swimwear, speeches, and much more.

The Ms. Full-Figured USA (United Sisters of America) Pageant was founded in 1989 as an organization of diverse women in age, race, shape, and size all located throughout the United States of America. MSFFUSA extends a wide range of pageantry experience, sisterhood, mentorship, model training, and provides a unified network for women while supporting the autonomy of the local community. In 2017 the D.M.V. division was developed under the direction of Mrs. Lorrine Coleman-Ross. The Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V Pageant mission is to provide full-figured women the opportunity to join the United Sisters of America network. Through the pageantry experience, we focus on building self-confidence, empowerment, and inspiring others while serving the community of DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

Delegates Base Qualification
Must be born female
Full-Figured Sizes 18-26 (Dress Size)
Ages 18-60
Reside in DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area
No Experience Necessary