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Mr. & Miss Igbo Nigeria


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Rules of Mr. & Miss Igbo Nigeria

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?

    Both. We allow both male and female contestants.

  • What are the phases of competition?

    Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown


About Mr. & Miss Igbo Nigeria

Miss Africa Universe is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 2014 by Chidinma Emenike, dedicated to Igbo Culture and the Igbo communities in America and Nigeria.
Influence Engagement: The non-profit organization will educate Igbo young male and females who were born in the United State of America or brought to the USA during their youth. This organization will empower the youths by showcasing their talents and building awareness about a wide range of significant subjects. This organization will help the Igbo communities at in the US and abroad also help the less privilege children.

Under this Organization there will be a yearly cultural pageant that will bring out four Ambassadors to represent the meaning of our beautiful culture.


The organization’s mission is to educate the youths about the Igbo language and culture. The organization is equally dedicated to mentoring young Igbo children so they can develop knowledge about their roots. This critical knowledge will help them to evolve academically, economically and socially. ‘‘Our organization strives to guide our Igbo youths to the right paths by connecting them with their roots. We want to bring out the best from them and give them the best experience as our members’’.


Educate Miss Africa Universe about their significant cultural of Igbo tribe.
Gather sponsors that will support the organization.
Enhance membership to help build the organization.
Igbo Spokes Person

The organization spokes people are Igbo Chiefs from different states in the Igbo land and also Igbo leaders.

Miss Africa Universe Purposes:

Miss Africa Universe is an organizations that will

Focus on grooming and empowering young kings and queens of our beautiful Igbo tribe.
This organization will be composing on talented, intelligent, beautiful and classy of what Igbo tribe represent in the community.
Our Miss Africa Universe will be given the opportunity to showcase the richness of their Igbo talent and work with platform of their choice based on Igbo community.
4. This organization will represent the rich and the depth culture of Igbo tribe throughout the United State.

Miss Africa Universe Policies and Procedures

For a contestant to be Miss Africa Universe. They have to be Igbo or their parents/grandparents have to be from Igbo tribe.
As Miss Africa Universe, you have to be at the age of 18- 29 and Mr. Teen Igbo America; you have to be at the age of 13- 17 to compete.
For as the Miss Africa Universe, you have to be 18-29, Miss. Igbo Teen America, you have to be at the age of 13-17 to compete.
All the contestants have to be in a Good Standard in their academical Studies.
Miss Africa Universe Prizes and Duties

As an Miss Africa Universe title holder, you will receive prices based on the amount that is raised during competitions.
Miss Africa Universe Organization will participate in so many New Jersey community service and any Igbo events or community service.
Talent shows will always raise money for the organization for Miss Africa Universe pageants and other events.
IGBO Youth Kings & Queens USA Organization will always welcome any sponsors for Miss Africa Universe.
All the Kings and Queens( Miss Africa Universe) must do all the event job appearances till their year is over, fail to do that will course your title to be taking away from you by Miss Africa Universe organization, with NO question asked.

Platform Categories

Humanity /Health/Education


Traditional Crowns for All the winners

Traditional Costume made Sash

Events Appearances

Gift Card