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Miss Vermont Scholarship Pageants

location_icon.svgVermont, USA

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  • Compete for the Title of Miss Vermont's Teen 2024

  • Get your Ticket to Attend Miss Vermont's Teen 2024


Rules of Miss Vermont Scholarship Pageants

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Evening Gown, Talent, Interview, Onstage Question, Swimsuit/Fitness


About Miss Vermont Scholarship Pageants

Miss Vermont is the official preliminary to the Miss America pageant. The winner of Miss Vermont represents Vermont at the Miss America pageant for a chance to win the title of Miss America.

Miss Vermont has four phases of competition that include: private interview, on-stage question, talent and evening gown. In order to compete for Miss Vermont, you must live in Vermont, be between the ages of 17 - 25 and have won a preliminary title. Additionally, to qualify you must be a female who has never married and who does not have any children.

Forever Miss Vermont's:

2019- Jillian Fisher
2018- Julia Crane
2017- Erin Conno
2016- Rylee Field
2015- Alayna Westcom
2014- Lucy Edward
2013- Jeanelle Ache
2012- Chelsea Ingram
2011- Katie Levasseur
2010- Caroline Bright
2009- Laura Hall
2008- Ashley Wheeler
2007- Rachel Ann Cole
2006- Sarah Watson
2005- Megan Plebani
2004- Megan Yardley
2003- Drell Latasha Hunter
2002- Sarah Jo Willey
2001- Amy Marie Johnson
2000- Hannah Jane Nelson
1999- Katy Johnson
1998- Aimee Rzewuski
1997- Jill Renee Cummings
1996- Nicole Juvan
1995- Jennifer Faucette
1994- Vanessa Branch
1993- Jacqueline Quirk
1992- Nicole Gentry
1991- Tina Ostrowski
1990- Debra Lewin
1989- Catherine Stillinger
1988- Julie Tidd
1987- Susan Bora
1986- Michelle Dawson
1985- Erica Van Der Linde
1984- Lorrie Glosick
1983- Juliet Lambert
1982- Jill Wyckoff
1981- Kimberly Nestle
1980- Carole Spolar
1979- Shari Bach
1978- Lisa Volkert
1977- Andrea Petty
1976- Suzanne Wind
1975- Katherine Rechsteiner
1974- Donna Shea
1973- Joylynn McCraw
1972- Kathy Hebert
1971- Sue Glover
1970- Pati Papineau
1969- Barbara Schmitt
1968- Elizabeth Sackler
1967- Kathleen Rowley
1966- Karen Tuttle
1965- Lois Dodge
1964- Jean Conner
1963- Melissa Hetzel
1962- Elaine Wright
1961- Janice Cole
1960- Anne Masino
1959- Brenda Naatz
1958- Sandra Sinclair
1957- Joan Hewitt
1956- Sandra Simpson
1955- Phyllis Reich
1954- Annabelle Pinkham
1953- Carlene King Johnson
1952- Barbara Moore
1951- Peggy Gilbert
1950- Eleanor Kangas
1949- Annalou Johnston
1948- Jean Peatman
1947- Barbara Campbell
1946- Lola Sundberg
1945- Mary Staikos
To see a full list of preliminary titles for the Miss Vermont pageant use the filtering options on https://www.pageantplanet.com/directory/category/pageant