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Miss Universe Philippines

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About Miss Universe Philippines

Miss Universe Philippines is a national beauty pageant that aims to select the country’s representative for the annual Miss Universe International competition.
It has a long history and has produced several notable winners who have achieved international fame. Miss Universe Philippines was launched in 2020 under the organization of the Miss Universe Philippines Organization (MUPO).

History of Miss Universe Philippines

From 1964 until 2019, the national beauty pageant Binibining Pilipinas was held to select the Filipino women who would represent the Philippines and compete in the Miss Universe pageant.
The winner was crowned under the title Binibining Pilipinas (1964-1971) and Binibining Pilipinas Universe (1974-2011). The franchise renamed the title to Miss Universe Philippines in 2012.
Four years later, the franchise was officially granted to a new organization. Now, the beauty pageant is responsible for the selection of the future Miss Universe Philippines titleholders.
The transition marks a new era for the beauty pageant, bringing new perspectives to promote Filipino beauty and culture.

What Does Miss Universe Philippines Stand For?

The pageant's goal is to empower women to become leaders in their respective fields. It emphasizes the importance of education and self-confidence and encourages women to pursue their goals and aspirations.
It promotes beauty with a purpose and highlights the importance of charity work and social responsibility. This pageant is also a platform for promoting Philippine tourism. The national costume competition showcases the country’s diverse culture, and the intricately designed costumes represent different regions of the country.

How Does Miss Universe Philippines Promote Social and Environmental Causes?

The candidates are encouraged to participate in charitable activities, environmental campaigns, educational programs, and other community service projects. They also partner with different organizations and nonprofits to support different causes.

Who Was the First Winner of the Miss Universe Philippines Pageant?

The first winner of the beauty pageant was Gazini Ganados. She participated in the Miss Universe pageant in 2019, held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Even though she didn’t win the crown, Ganados was highly praised for her poise, elegance, and intelligence.

What Are the Different Rounds of the Selection Process at the Beauty Pageant?

The pageant contestants undergo a rigorous selection process and participate in multiple challenges to secure a spot in the finals. These include preliminary screenings and interviews.
The contestants compete in various categories, such as national costume, swimsuit, and evening gown competitions. The criteria for judging in the beauty pageant include beauty, intelligence, personality, and social responsibility.

Who Can Compete in the Miss Universe Philippines Beauty Pageant?

In September 2022, the Miss Universe organization announced changes to the rules for selecting participants for the beauty pageant. The national pageant opened an application for Filipino citizens from age 18 to 27, regardless of their civil status and height. However, the applicants must be females and Filipino citizens.

What Is the Prize for the Titleholder of the Miss Universe Philippines Pageant?

Winning the beauty pageant can be a life-changing experience for the crowned winner, opening doors that can benefit them in their career. The Miss Universe Philippines pageant receives many rewards and opportunities, including:
Representation of the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant
A cash prize. The amount varies from year to year.
Development opportunities. The winner acquires training and development opportunities to improve their skills and prepare for the Miss Universe pageant.
Modeling contract. The winner is offered endorsement and modeling contracts from different brands and companies.
Media coverage. The winner of the crown receives media coverage on a national and international level, which can be beneficial for her career.
Charitable activities. The titleholder has an opportunity to engage in various charitable activities and community service projects and promote other causes through her platform.

What Type of Crown Does the Miss Universe Philippines Receive?

From 2020 to 2021, the beauty pageant winners wore headwear crafted by the Villarica family of Bulacan. The crown featured a swirl of leaves representing women who aim for success and keep their Filipino values at heart.
The crown also had a diamond embedded in each leaf, representing the sparkle the crown winner brings into people’s lives. The golden pearls represent intelligence, creativity, and other values.
From 2022 forward, the title holders of the Miss Universe Philippines beauty pageant will wear the ‘La Mer en Majesté’ or ‘The Sea in Majesty’ crafted by Jewelmer. The crown has embedded golden South Sea pearls symbolizing the harmony in the relationship between people and nature.

When Was Miss Universe Philippines Held in 2023?

The coronation of the winner of the Miss Universe Philippines beauty pageant was held on May 13, 2023. The fourth edition took place in Bay City, Pasay, Metro Mania, in the Philippines, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.
At the event, Celeste Corcesi crowned her successor Michelle Dee, who will represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Universe 2023 competition, one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world.

Rules of Miss Universe Philippines

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