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Miss Texas USA & Miss Texas Teen USA

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Rules of Miss Texas USA & Miss Texas Teen USA

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Evening Gown, Swimsuit/Fitness, Interview, Onstage Question


About Miss Texas USA & Miss Texas Teen USA

Miss Texas USA is a prestigious beauty pageant that has been held annually since 1952. It is a competition that celebrates the beauty, intelligence, and talent of young women from all over Texas. As with any pageant, there are many frequently asked questions about Miss Texas USA, and it is important to answer them in order to provide clarity and encourage potential contestants to apply.

What is Miss Texas USA?

Miss Texas USA is a beauty pageant that is held annually in Texas. It is a preliminary competition for the Miss USA pageant, which is part of the Miss Universe organization. The winner of Miss Texas USA goes on to compete in the Miss USA pageant.

The first Miss Texas USA pageant was held in 1952, and it has been held every year since then. The pageant has evolved over the years, but its core values have remained the same: celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and talent of young women from all over Texas.

Who Can Compete in Miss Texas USA?

In order to compete in Miss Texas USA, contestants must meet certain eligibility requirements. They must be between the ages of 18 and 27, unmarried, and never have been married or had children. They must also be a resident of Texas or attend school or work in Texas for at least six months prior to the competition.

Contestants must also be a citizen of the United States or have been granted permanent residency status. They must be in good health and able to participate in all aspects of the competition.

What is the Selection Process for Miss Texas USA?

The selection process for Miss Texas USA involves several stages of competition. Contestants are judged on their interview skills, talent, and swimsuit competition. The interview portion of the competition is particularly important, as it allows the judges to get to know the contestants on a personal level and assess their communication skills.

The talent portion of the competition allows contestants to showcase their unique skills and talents, whether it be singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. The swimsuit competition is designed to assess the physical fitness and confidence of the contestants.

What is the Prize for Winning Miss Texas USA?

The winner of Miss Texas USA receives a prize package that includes a cash prize, a wardrobe allowance, and various other prizes. She also has the opportunity to represent Texas in the Miss USA pageant, which could lead to further opportunities in modeling, acting, and other areas of the entertainment industry.

What is the Schedule for Miss Texas USA?

The schedule for Miss Texas USA begins several months before the actual pageant. Contestants must submit an application and participate in preliminary competitions in order to qualify for the final competition. The final competition takes place over a weekend and includes rehearsals, interviews, and various stages of competition.

What is the Age Requirement for Miss Texas USA?

Contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 27 in order to compete in Miss Texas USA. Once a contestant wins the title of Miss Texas USA, she can hold that title for up to one year before she ages out of eligibility.

What are the stages of competition for Miss Texas USA?

The stages of competition for Miss Texas USA include preliminary competitions, interviews, talent competitions, and swimsuit competitions. Each stage is designed to assess different aspects of a contestant's personality and abilities.

The preliminary competitions are held several months before the final competition and allow contestants to qualify for the final competition. The interviews are designed to assess communication skills and personal qualities such as intelligence, poise, and confidence. The talent competition allows contestants to showcase their unique skills and talents, while the swimsuit competition assesses physical fitness and confidence.

Miss Texas USA is a prestigious beauty pageant that celebrates the beauty, intelligence, and talent of young women from all over Texas. It is important to answer frequently asked questions about the pageant in order to provide clarity and encourage potential contestants to apply. If you are a young woman who meets the eligibility requirements for Miss Texas USA, we encourage you to apply and showcase your unique qualities and talents.

Miss Texas USA has four phases of competition that includes: private interview, on-stage question, swimsuit and evening gown. In order to compete for Miss Texas USA, you must live in Texas and be between the ages of 18 - 28. Additionally, to qualify must be a female who has never married and who does not have any children

Past Miss Texas USA's:
Miss Texas USA 2020- Taylor Kessler
Miss Texas USA 2019- Alayah Benavidez
Miss Texas USA 2018- Logan Lester
Miss Texas USA 2017- Nancy Gonzalez
Miss Texas USA 2016- Daniella Rodriguez
Miss Texas USA 2015- Ylianna Guerra
Miss Texas USA 2014- Lauren Guzman
Miss Texas USA 2013- Ali Nugent
Miss Texas USA 2012- Brittany Booker
Miss Texas USA 2011- Ana Rodriguez
Miss Texas USA 2010- Kelsey Moore
Miss Texas USA 2009- Brooke Daniels
Miss Texas USA 2008- Crystle Stewart (Miss USA 2008)
Miss Texas USA 2007- Magen Ellis
Miss Texas USA 2006- Lauren Lanning
Miss Texas USA 2005- Tyler Willis
Miss Texas USA 2004- Stephanie Guerrero
Miss Texas USA 2003- Nicole O'Brian
Miss Texas USA 2002- Kasi Kelly
Miss Texas USA 2001- Kandace Krueger (Miss USA 2001)
Miss Texas USA 2000- Heather Ogilvie
Miss Texas USA 1999- Carissa Blair
Miss Texas USA 1998- Holly Mills
Miss Texas USA 1997- Amanda Little
Miss Texas USA 1996- Kara Williams
Miss Texas USA 1995- Chelsi Smith (Miss USA 1995, Miss Universe 1995)
Miss Texas USA 1994- Christine Friedel
Miss Texas USA 1993- Angie Sisk
Miss Texas USA 1992- Katie Young
Miss Texas USA 1991- Chris Bogard
Miss Texas USA 1990- Stephanie Kuehne
Miss Texas USA 1989- Gretchen Polhemus (Miss USA 1989)
Miss Texas USA 1988- Courtney Gibbs (Miss USA 1988)
Miss Texas USA 1987- Michelle Royer (Miss USA 1987)
Miss Texas USA 1986- Christy Fichtner (Miss USA 1986)
Miss Texas USA 1985- Laura Martinez Herring (Miss USA 1985)
Miss Texas USA 1984- Laura Shaw
Miss Texas USA 1983- Lisa Allred
Miss Texas USA 1982- Luann Caughey
Miss Texas USA 1981- Diana Durnford
Miss Texas USA 1980- Barbara Buckley
Miss Texas USA 1979- Anne Hinnant
Miss Texas USA 1978- Barbara Horan
Miss Texas USA 1977- Kimberly Tomes (Miss USA 1977)
Miss Texas USA 1976- Candace Gray
Miss Texas USA 1975- Aundie Evers
Miss Texas USA 1974- Debra Cronin
Miss Texas USA 1973- Lavonne McConnell
Miss Texas USA 1972- Susan Peters
Miss Texas USA 1971- Brenda Lynn Box
Miss Texas USA 1970- Diane Swendeman
Miss Texas USA 1969- Sandy Drewes
Miss Texas USA 1968- Jeannie Wilson
Miss Texas USA 1967- Bonnie Robinson
Miss Texas USA 1966- Dorothy Pickens
Miss Texas USA 1965- Phillis Johnson
Miss Texas USA 1964- Diane Balloun
Miss Texas USA 1963- Cheryl Wilburn
Miss Texas USA 1962- Jackie Faye Williams
Miss Texas USA 1961- Sheila Wade
Miss Texas USA 1960- Pat Cloud
Miss Texas USA 1959- Carelgean Douglas
Miss Texas USA 1958- Linda Daugherty
Miss Texas USA 1957- Gloria Hunt
Miss Texas USA 1956- Jo Dodson
Miss Texas USA 1955- Mary Daughters
Miss Texas USA 1954- Betty Lee
Miss Texas USA 1953- Joan Bradshaw
Miss Texas USA 1952- Charlene McClary

Past Miss Texas Teen USA's:
2020 - Anissa Mendez
2019- Kennedy Edwards
2018- Brenna Flynn
2017- Kirby Lindley
2016- Karlie Hay (Miss Teen USA 2016)
2015- Chloe Kembel
2014- Kellie Stewart
2013- Daniella Rodriguez
2012- Madison Lee
2011- Danielle Doty (Miss Teen USA 2011)
2010- Chelsea Morgensen
2009- Kelli Harral
2008- Lauren Guzman
2007- Sommer Isdale
2006- Raevan Valadez
2005- April Ford
2004- Magen Ellis
2003- Tye Felan
2002- Brittany Tiner
2001- Katherine Perello
2000- Nicole O'Brian
1999- Misty Giles
1998- Christie Cole
1997- Andria Mullins
1996- Christie Lee Woods (Miss Teen USA 1996)
1995- Mandy Jeffreys
1994- Jaqueline Pena
1993- Erin Burnett
1992- Carissa Blair
1991- Kara Williams
1990- Becky Fisher
1989- Kristi Wright
1988- Libby Pelton
1987- Richelle Kesling
1986- Becky Pestana
1985- Konae Wehle
1984- Charlene Molinar
1983- Sheri Scholz