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Miss Teen Dodge City Latina

location_icon.svgDodge City, KS, USA

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Rules of Miss Teen Dodge City Latina

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Theme Wear, Interview, Evening Gown


About Miss Teen Dodge City Latina

Welcome to the first Latina pageant made exclusively for Latinas since 1963!
In September of 2018, we had our very first Miss Dodge City Latina 2018! This is our second year and we are very excited! We are a group of Latina Women that decided to get together something for young women to participate in and evolve. We realize that it is important to provide productive and safe activities to young girls, and in order for them to aspire to dream big for a bright future, we know that they need activities that will require them to be involved with the community and to grow interpersonally.
All of the Candidates will be providing excellent community and social service in our community, and we proudly stand behind our mission: To lead, inspire and mentor Latina Women. To embrace their power, purpose and value, in order to ignite their passion to make a positive contribution in our community.
Our event was held Sunday, September 23rd, 2018. At Boothill Casino Conference Center located between United Wireless Arena and Boothill Casino, in Dodge City. This year, we added Miss Garden City Latina and our very first Queen was Alondra Jurado. Our first Dodge City Teen was Nataly Marquez, and our first Teen Garden City Latina was Nyalee Duran.
En Septiembre del 2018, tuvimos nuestro primer certamen de Miss Dodge City Latina 2018! este es nuestro segundo año y estamos emocionados! Somos un grupo de mujeres Latinas que queremos tener una actividad productiva para jovenes en las que se pueden desarollar. Sabemos lo importante que es tener algo productivo y sano para nuestras mujeres jovenes.
Todas nuestras candidatas estaran dando excelente servicio comunitario y servicio social en nuestras comunidades, estamos de tras de nuestra mission: Dirijir, inspirar, y ser mentoras a mujeres Latinas. Llevaremos en alto su poder, proposito y valor, y para inspirar su passion para contribuir a un impacto positivo en nuestra comunidad.