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Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageants

location_icon.svgPennsylvania, USA

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Rules of Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageants

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Evening Gown, Talent, Interview, Onstage Question


About Miss Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageants

Miss Pennsylvania is the official preliminary to the Miss America pageant. The winner of Miss Pennsylvania represents Pennsylvania at the Miss America pageant for a chance to win the title of Miss America.

Miss Pennsylvania has four phases of competition that include: private interview, on-stage question, talent and evening gown. In order to compete for Miss Pennsylvania, you must live in Pennsylvania, be between the ages of 17 - 25 and have won a preliminary title. Additionally, to qualify you must be a female who has never married and who does not have any children.

Forever Miss Pennsylvania's:
2019- Tiffany Seitz
2018- Kayla Repasky
2017- Katie Schreckengast
2016- Samantha Lambert
2015- Ashley Schmider
2014- Amanda Smith
2013- Annie Rosellini
2012-Jordyn Colao
2011- Juliann Sheldon
2010-Courtney Thomas
2009- Shannon Doyle
2008- Kendria Perry
2007- Rachel Brooks
2006- Emily Wills
2005- Nicole Brewer
2004- Victoria Bechtold
2003- Candace Otto
2002- Autumn Marisa
2001- Rosalyn Menon
2000- Melissa Jeka
1999-Susan Spafford
1998- Mayra Acosta
1997- Heather Busin
1996- GiGi Gordon
1995- Linette Mertz
1994- Kirstin Border
1993- Diane Fabiano
1992- Judy Fitch
1991-Linda O'Boyle
1990- Marla Wynne
1989- Michelle Kline
1988- Denise Meyer
1987- Katarina Sitaris
1986- Darlene Deeley
1985- Lea Schiazza
1984- Gina Major
1983- Jennifer Eshelman
1982- Laurie Ann Hixenbaugh
1981- Jill Shaffe
1980- Anita Ellen Patton
1979- Carolyn Louise Black
1978- Charmaine Kowalski
1977- Lynn Carol Grote
1976- Marie McLaughlin
1975- Connie Harness
1974- Karen Lynn Kuhn
1973- Tina Louise Thomas
1972- Linda Olson
1971- Maureen Wimme
1970- Maggie Walker
1969- Trudy Lee Pedersen
1968- Susan Robinson
1967- Doris Ann Lausch
1966- Gale Veronica Rothwell
1965- Judith Lynn McConnell
1964- Marilyn Cutaiar March
1963- Cheryl Lynn Kegley
1962- Crystale Leigh Martin
1961- E. Lynne Maloney
1960- Priscilla Mae Hendricks
1959- Lois Janet Piercy
1958- Rosalie Samley
1957- Jennie Rebecca Blatchford
1956- Lorna Malcomson Ringle
1955- Pam Ulrich
1954- Barbara Sue Nager
1953- Evelyn Margaret Ay (Miss America 1953)
1952- Miriam Smith, Patricia Hunt (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1951- Clare Lippert, Margaret Ramsdale (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1950- Emilie Longacre, Janice Murray (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1949- Marlene Carozzo, Miriam Lopayowker (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1948- Sarah Cromwell, Ruth Douglas, Betty Jane Bruce (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1947- Lillian Handford, Dorothy Gresh, Kay McClane (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1946- Eleanor Kramer, Virginia Brown (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1945- Gloria Bair, Timmie Weston (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1944- Itha Duerrhammer, Margie Dorie (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1943- Emma Hammermeister, June McAdams, Betty Marie Marcus (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1942- Ruth Elfreda Schmidt, Geraldine Powell (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1941- Roselle Hannon, Carrie de Ludo, Catherine Jane Albert (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1940- Frances Marie Burke (Miss America 1940), Alberta Louise Carts, Mildred Saha, Dorothy A. Wall (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1939- Nancy Lee, Ruth Phyllis Willock, Emma Louise Knoell (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1938- Ruth Willock, Kathryn “Kay” Buckley, Wilma Kaspar (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1937- Kathryn H. Kendrick, Kathryn Crase, Beryl Kober (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1936- Rose Coyle (Miss America 1936), Sallie Hinton, Marie Ketter, Anna Julia Zaker, Bonnie Boyle, Joan Frankenburg, Ellen McCormick, Elaine Miller, Margie Sossong (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1935- Henrietta Leaver (Miss America 1935), Gertrude Schappert, Lenore Pollock, Claire Spirit, Alice Brown, Jean McCool, Helen Keaser, Marie Baumgard, Margie Godwin, Florence Carman, Helen Rita Skelly, Loretta Gale Tarle (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1934- No Miss America held
1933- Geraldine Glassman
1932- No Miss America held
1931- No Miss America held
1930- No Miss America held
1929- No Miss America held
1928- No Miss America held
1927- Esther J. Cantor, Dorothea Ditmer, Mary Millnack, Kathleen Coyle, Florence Koons (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1926- Anna Mae Reefer, Thelma Williams, Esther Weissinger, Illa Williams, Helen Villet Grant (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1925- Mildred Sherman, Beula Keator, Florence Zawidski, Elsie Gallagher, Mildred Walker, Estella Wittell, Mary Ann Guth, Annette Jackson (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1924- Ruth Malcomson (Miss America 1924), Katherine Brown, Margaret McGee, Letne von Alt, Stella Springer, Dorothy E. Gross, Helen Steubne, Nellie M. Paige, Theresa Matzer (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1923- Mary Botto, Jane Ondeck, Isabel Lynch, Marion Green, Mildred Maconachy, Grace Kohr, Cora Frey, Betty Grening, Helen R. Knisely, Agnes Connelly, Margaret Lillian Ross, Helen Noble (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1922- Ellen Sherr, Anna Maria Burke, Dorothy Haupt, Thera McDonnel, Gertrude Shoemack, Velma Zeigler, Elsie Blumenstock, Kitty Molineaux, Rae Bennett, Leah Knapp, Evelyn Renninger, Gladys Greenmeyer (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)
1921- Thelma Matthews, Nellie Orr, Emma Pharo (Multiple Pennsylvania representatives)

To see a full list of preliminary titles for the Miss Pennsylvania pageant use the filtering options on https://www.pageantplanet.com/directory/category/pageant