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Miss Kosciusko Scholarship Program

location_icon.svgSyracuse, Indiana, USA

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Rules of Miss Kosciusko Scholarship Program

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  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Onstage Question, Interview, Evening Gown


About Miss Kosciusko Scholarship Program

The Miss Kosciusko Scholarship Program is for young women between the ages of 18 and 25, and the Miss Kosciusko County's Outstanding Teen Program is for young women between the ages of 13 and 17 who must still be in high school. If you are a Miss Contestant, your permanent address must be from either Kosciusko County, Wabash County, Whitley County or Huntington County, OR you must attend a college in one of those counties. If you are a Teen Contestant, you can live anywhere in the state of Indiana to compete—The Teen Pageant is an “open” pageant.

Two sets of contestants competed for the two local titles of Miss Kosciusko 2018 and Miss Kosciusko's Outstanding Teen 2018. These new titleholders will then compete next June in the Miss Indiana 2018 and Miss Indiana Outstanding Teen State Pageants where the winners will compete on the Miss America or Miss America’s Outstanding Teen national stages!

Areas of Competition
Miss Kosciusko contestants compete in interview, talent, evening wear, lifestyle and fitness in swimwear, and on stage question .
Outstanding Teen Contestants compete in interview, talent, evening wear, lifestyle and fitness in sportswear, and on stage question .

Interview: 25%
Based on an overall first impression; contestant’s personal platform - knowledge,understanding and commitment to purpose; ability to fulfill job responsibilities; sense of accomplishments – above and beyond statement of achievements on resume; confident and commanding presence; personality, appearance, and attractiveness; validated opinions and responses; and exceptional communication skills – speech, vocabulary, and grammar.

Contestants should wear interview-appropriate attire. Considering each contestant's style and taste, it may include a skirt and sweater, a pants suit, or a skirt suit. Although they should appear ready for an interview, it should still be age-appropriate.

Talent: 30%
Based on an overall first impression; selection and performance – distinguishes personality and skill; interpretive ability/technical skill level – execution, technique, synchronization and control; stage presence – on-stage personality; total of all elements – including costume, props, music, voice, use of the body and choreography; and whether the judges enjoyed the presentation.

Costumes and music (if applicable) should be appropriate to the talent selected.
(Teens are 35%)

Evening Wear: 15%
Based on an overall first impression; beauty, attractiveness, and charm; sense of confidence; personality and stage presence; walk, posture, carriage, and grace; sense of style and appropriateness of the evening wear; and does she command the stage and is her presence felt “beyond the footlights”?

Contestants should wear a formal evening gown (i.e. a prom-style gown) that reflects her personality and style. It should be a minimum length of mid-calf (although floor-length is suggested) and age-appropriate.
(Teens combine the Evening Wear with the On-State Question for 25%)

Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit: 10%
Based on an overall first impression; attractiveness and presence: lifestyle statement of strong physical health – demonstrating if the contestant is physically fit; walk, posture, carriage, and grace; sense of confidence and composure; display of energy, charisma and expression; and does she meet the public expectation of a titleholder?

Contestants should wear a one or two-piece swimsuit that fits the shape of her body, and compliments her figure. Embellishments should be kept to a minimum as they can be a distraction. Color of swimsuit is at the discretion of the contestant but should flatter the skin tone and hair color of the contestant.
Teens Compete in "sportswear" (Teens do NOT compete in swimsuits) This consists of a tank top and athletic shorts of her choice and color. There will be a simple athletic routine for each girl to perform. She will learn this at our dress rehearsal on the Friday night before the Saturday show. (This is 15% for TEENS)

On-stage Question(s): 20%
Based on an overall first impression; charisma and stage presence to be a spokeswoman for the state/local organization; special attention given to whether or not the contestant answered the question in context in which it was asked; whether the contestant is able to handle the pressure of being questioned and responding in front of an audience; displays a commanding presence, ability to make the audience want to listen to her; and whether her peers will view her as a role model who is reflective of today’s generation.

The question will be based on a topic covered during the contestant's private interview, general knowledge, and/or current events. It could also include drawing a question from a "fishbowl" at random.

*Please note that these are the general percentages used for judging at the local, state, and national levels, and they are subject to changes at the discretion of the local, state, and national programs.

The Miss Kosciusko Program is affiliated with the Miss America Organization. The Miss and Teen winners go on to compete at Miss Indiana (in June) and then to Miss America.