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Miss Herriman Scholarship Competition

location_icon.svg5355 West South, Herriman, UT, USA

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Rules of Miss Herriman Scholarship Competition

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  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Onstage Question, Interview, Evening Gown


About Miss Herriman Scholarship Competition

The Miss Herriman Scholarship Competition is dedicated to helping our candidates achieve their personal and professional goals – offering scholarships and workshops through professional coaching opportunities with an emphasis on service, professional interview and speaking skills, modeling, and presentation. The outcome of our program is rooted in self-growth by helping candidates build self-confidence, learn about the world around them, and develop their talents all while teaching them to be responsible and accountable. The program also forges life-long friendships with fellow candidates, promoting camaraderie and positive life skills.
The Miss Herriman Competition is a scholarship program that is an affiliate of the Miss America Organization, the Miss Utah Scholarship Program, and is a part of the Herriman Arts Council.

The Job of Miss Herriman:
Miss Herriman is a public servant assisting at City events, working on the service platform of her choice, and fundraising on behalf of the Children’s Miracle Network, Miss America’s National Platform. Miss Herriman is required to compete at the Miss Utah Scholarship Pageant, where thousands of dollars and opportunities are made available to her. Miss Herriman is an ambassador and a role model for youth.

Requirements to Compete:
(Please attend the Miss Herriman Orientation or contact Taibree Pulver, Miss Herriman Director for questions and specifications.)
Phases of competition:
To compete for Miss Herriman, candidates are required to compete in the following phases of completion: closed interview where judges will learn about the candidate, her personal platform and ask about current events, lifestyle and fitness in swimwear (wearing a one or two-piece bathing suit), preform a 90-second talent, answer an onstage question, and model their choice of evening wear.
Candidates must be 18-23 and at least a senior in high school.
Candidates must live, work, or go to school in Herriman City.
Children’s Miracle Network:
All candidates will be asked to fundraise at least $100 (due 2-weeks before the competition).
Production number fee:
Candidates will be asked to pay $50 to LeXtend Couture for their production number outfit.
Workshops are not required, but recommended. If a candidate misses a workshop, they are missing valuable instruction that cannot be rescheduled. It is required that all candidates attend: workshop with candidate photos, rehearsal, competition interviews, and competition day.