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Miss Heritage International Pageants

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Rules of Miss Heritage International Pageants

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About Miss Heritage International Pageants

Miss Heritage International fundamental purpose is to present an exceptional and universal podium for every nation to present itself, its people, its cultures, environment, heritage, tourism, peculiarity and prospects for humanitarian initiative enterprises through a world class beauty pageant.
We endeavor to create a platform for young women to dedicate their efforts towards sustainable development and encouraging of peace, environmental, tourism, cultural and heritage responsiveness and sustainable behaviour in their day today lives.

Miss Heritage International is an ultimate international beauty pageant that endeavours to promote Peace, Environment Tourism, Culture and above all global Heritage (PETCH) from a global perspective. The Miss Heritage International beauty pageant was founded in 2011 by Sipiti Media Zimbabwean, in association with Eplanet Pvt ltd, Nepal Multi – Media entity upon the apprehension of the indispensable rationale of beauty pageants in promoting fundamental global agendas.
In an overwhelming rate, Nepal has been one of the populous countries in the world. Among 2.66 cores of the total population of the nation (according to the national census of Nepal, 2012), approximately 33% of the total population is the age between 10 to 24 years which is a real fertile age during the life span of human beings. This group is mostly engaged in their higher studies more importantly aiming at brightening their career enhancing their creativity. Experts in developmental activities state that the development of a nation is determined by capability of the people of the age group.
It has been organizing several productive program since its inception for social transformation of the society which have contributed to develop their personality and use their expertise in the field of their choice to address contemporary issues of the society like family disputes, student counselling, and other various social and practical issues of the nation which are left unaddressed but serious impact they make if not addressed promptly.