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Miss Greater Southern California

location_icon.svgSan Diego, CA, USA

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Rules of Miss Greater Southern California

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?


About Miss Greater Southern California

The Miss Greater Southern California Pageant is a regional pageant for single women (with no children) ages 17-30. This pageant is what is called an ‘open local’, which means that the ‘title’ is ‘Miss Greater Southern California’, but anyone living in the state of California (or attending college here) is eligible, as winning this title will afford the winner the opportunity to seek a state or national title. For example, in the Miss USA system, a contestant can enter as many ‘open locals’ all over the state, regardless of where in the state they live, with the objective of receiving the opportunity to win a local USA title and compete at Miss California USA with her entry fees paid for. The difference in the Miss Greater Southern California pageant is that our winner can select any pageant system she would like to compete in—USA, IJM, International, NAM, Royalty International, United States, to name a few. We are not bound to any particular pageant system, allowing the winner to find the perfect fit for her personality and interests.

Should you win the title of Miss Greater Southern California, you will be able to select your own choice of ‘advancement ‘ pageant and you will receive $500 toward entry fee for that pageant. Should you win your advancement pageant, you will be released from your MGSC title to take on your new title. If you do not win your ‘advancement’ title, you will remain Miss Greater Southern California (MGSC) for the remainder of your year and represent the title in the community until the next year’s pageant, where you will crown your successor.