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Miss Dodge City/Cowboy Capital/Boot Hill Scholarship Competition

location_icon.svgDodge City, KS, USA

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Rules of Miss Dodge City/Cowboy Capital/Boot Hill Scholarship Competition

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Interview, Evening Gown


About Miss Dodge City/Cowboy Capital/Boot Hill Scholarship Competition

The Miss Kansas Organization has established the following agenda for the new millennium:

Through the state and local organizations, to support education, advocate community service, and provide young women with a forum in which to express their talents, intelligence and opinions in culture, politics, platforms, and the community;

To provide unique opportunities for young women to win financial assistance in the nature of scholarship awards as a means of achieving their educational goals, and to create and maintain a system of competition which will enhance career opportunities and produce role models representing positive, American values;

To utilize the Miss Kansas name to promote generally those issues of concern to women, and to encourage and promote the role of women in all aspects of our society;

To recognize women who have made outstanding contributions in all fields of endeavor and specifically women’s issues, and;

To encourage the spirit of volunteerism throughout the Miss Kansas Organization’s network of local pageants, titleholders, and to promote good will and civic and economic benefits in the towns and cities which host the competitions leading to the Miss Kansas title;

To use the Miss Kansas Organization as a vehicle for statewide awareness of the Miss America Program, fundraising opportunities for scholarships, and implementation of community service projects;

To support a statewide organization of volunteers that operates 12 months a year, who contribute time, resources and scholarship money to Miss Kansas programs in cities and towns throughout the state.

The Miss Kansas Organization is a nonprofit corporation. The first Miss Kansas Pageant was held in 1937 and sporadically after that until 1952 when the event began its annual activities. The Miss Kansas Pageant came to Pratt, Kansas, in 1955 after many years in Wichita. The Miss Kansas Organization is honored to have three Miss Kansas titleholders become Miss America. Those honored include: Deborah Irene Bryant; Miss America 1966, Debra Barnes; Miss America 1968, and Tara Dawn Holland; Miss America 1997.

Scholarship Competition Organization for Teens and Young Adult women ages 13-25. Looking for leaders who want to make a difference in their communities.