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Miss California Regional Pageant

location_icon.svgCalifornia, USA

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Rules of Miss California Regional Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Optional Volunteer Service Award, Optional Talent, Optional Spokesmodel, Optional Runway/Fashion Model, Optional Role Model, Optional Photogenic, , Optional Cover Girl, Optional Casual Wear, Onstage Question, Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown


About Miss California Regional Pageant

Our Mission

They say confidence breeds beauty. We here at Miss California Regional believe that confidence is the opposite of perfection but rather a combination of character and charisma. Having that crowning moment is an unforgettable experience for a young woman, but that moment means so much more. Our success as an organization does two fold mission. Our ability to create winners on stage and the ability to create a platform for women to grow inside and out. We want women that want to win in life! That’s a different breed of woman in itself.

Miss California Regional grooms delegates to be vibrant, confident, ambitious, community involved and effective communicators; while having a competitive edge, not to mention we facilitate an avenue for higher learning. Simply put, our priority is to help all of our delegates discover their best qualities, to recognize their endless opportunities.

Miss California Regional