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Miss Africa


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Rules of Miss Africa

  • Are you allowed to be married?


  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Swimsuit/Fitness, Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown


About Miss Africa

Miss Africa is blowing full steam as its creators (the Government of Cross River State) are focused on fulfilling its promise of promoting, showcasing and developing Cross River State, as well as Nigeria’s environmental and eco-friendly lifestyle with the amalgamation of beauty, fashion, nature, and charity.

The Miss Africa Calabar Nigeria Beauty Pageant is a brainchild of Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade, The Executive Governor of Cross River State, who himself is a strong environmental activist, a man who can give up everything he has, for the protection of the environment. A vibrant leader and entrepreneur whose resume spans over decades, with vivid goals, clarity and work ethics soaked in specificity.

Africanisms refers to characteristics of African culture that can be traced through societal practices and institutions of the African diaspora. Throughout history, the dispersed descendants of African people have displayed many forms of cultural retention of their African ancestry. Also, common throughout history is the misunderstanding of these remittances and their meanings, hence, this edition is created to change the narrative of the African history and the rich cultural heritage. The Pageant Contestants will display true Africanism using their countries indigenous cultural heritage to tell the true stories of their heritage, mineral resources, human capacities, and tourism and investment opportunities in their country and how it will benefit Africa for Africans at large. This edition also aimed at uniting African communities and the leadership of our great Motherland in the battle against hatred, poverty, self-enslavement, xenophobic, corruption and all the issues that make us less human to the rest of the world.

It is time to raise a True African beautiful, elegant and intelligent Queen that would stand tall of the African walkway with the heels of confidence, fearless face and audible voice to challenge the negativity that has been attached to the black skin over the years… Take up actions and push policies that would make the entire Africa continent habitable for Africans and a business-friendly environment for foreign investments, establishing the pride of Africa across the Globe.