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Green Africa Beauty Pageant


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Rules of Green Africa Beauty Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?

    Both. We allow both male and female contestants.

  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Swimsuit/Fitness, Runway, Photogenic, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown


About Green Africa Beauty Pageant

Green Africa Beauty Pageant is a new modelling initiative organised by the Green Africa online tv (a media department of CEM Nigeria) in partnership with: Royal Ambassadors Entertainment and Modeling Agency and Next Oga In Agric - to discover new set of talented, creative, innovative and intelligent beauty queens, faces and youth, etc, in other to lead a awareness campaign to promote green Revolution in order to support sustainable development goal.

1. Developing new models, beauty queens, creative and talented young minds to be
bold, educative and vibrant in serving humanity while promoting awareness of
green revolution in Nigeria and Agfrica.

2. To become a platform that enables more faces and promotional models, and
Ambassadors to emerge and compete in the global Pageantries business.

To become a new platform and develop new models to promote and campaign for green revolution development using pageatry.

To discover, train and empowering young people in order to promote Green Revolutional programs Of sustainable development goals through modeling and entertainment.

Titles and featuring areas to Contest Also are:

1. Faces of Green Africa (King/Queen).
2. Miss/Mr. Agriculture
3. Miss/Mr. GreenCoin
4. Miss/Mr. Green Energy
5. Miss/Mr. Environment
6. Miss/Mr. Climate Change
8. Miss/Mr. Commerce
9. Miss/Mr. Internet
10. Face of Economy.

Pet project with a theme: Green and cleanGlobe.

The program will bring benefits to government agencies, ministries, entrepreneurs, companies, organisations, youth and communities around them.

So, with that, this beauty pageantry is focusing on creating enabling environment that will bring great impact to environmental issues, Climate Change, Agriculture, green energy, Health and wellness, water, etc.

Youth Can change the world and make a better society.

This will also help majority of youth to become self employed, global citizen, Ambassadors, Faces of brands, social entrepreneurs, and bring out leadership potentials in them.

This will also give the new set of beauty queens and promotional models an opportunity to come out with going-green-global-business-strategies and development in order to support urban and rural communities, etc.

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