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The Extraordinary Heart Pageant

location_icon.svgMountain Ridge High School, Doctor Gasmick Lane, Frostburg, MD, USA

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Rules of The Extraordinary Heart Pageant

  • Are you allowed to be married?

    Both. We allow both married and non-married contestants.

  • Are you allowed to have kids?

    Both. We allow both contestants with and without children to compete.

  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Onstage Question, Interview, Evening Gown, Activewear


About The Extraordinary Heart Pageant

The Extraordinary Heart Pageant is open to young women from the Tri-State area (Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia) who are community service driven and are seeking to make an impact on the world around them. There are two titles awarded. Ms. Extraordinary Heart will be awarded to a young woman age 18-26, participation is NOT limited by your marital status. Miss Extraordinary Heart will be awarded to a young woman age 13-17. Our pageant is community service focused and is NOT a beauty based pageant. It is strictly based on merit. We encourage women of all shapes, sizes, races, cultures, social classes and abilities to compete to be our ambassadors for the year. All we require is hard-working, deserving, accomplished, and driven young women to represent an organization we hold very dear.

To be eligible:
Each contestant must raise a minimum of $75 for Extraordinary Hearts Foundation prior to competition. There will be an award presented to the individual who raises the most for the foundation prior to competition.
Each competitor must create a themed silent auction basket to be auctioned off at the pageant. Minimum value should be $100. (This doesn’t mean your actual cost is $100, please take advantage of SALES, discounts and donations from area businesses!)
Complete the application/resume process prior to the due date. Due date for registration and paperwork/headshot deadline is Sept. 25, 2021 . We expect candidates to be responsible and complete their requirements in a timely manner.

Phases of competition will include:
Private Interview (30%) - 10 minute panel style interview for each contestant with our panel of judges.

Fundraising/Outreach Proposal (20%) - Each contestant will be expected to submit (in advance) a proposal for one fundraising and/or outreach event that they would like to bring to fruition during their year of service should they be crowned. This proposal should include marketing and funding ideas. We will make every effort to assist our titleholders in achieving this during their year. A sample proposal will be provided for reference.

Talent (20%) - Each contestant should prepare a 90 second talent to be performed on stage for the audience and judges panel. Costume is important in this segment as it is part of the overall impression during the performance and should be cohesive with the theme, meaning and type of talent being performed.

Poise (10%) - On stage formal wear competition. Each young woman should choose an age appropriate outfit in which they feel confident and beautiful and which speaks of her personality and personal style. While this should be formal, it can be a long gown, cocktail, pantsuit, etc. and will NOT be judged on appearance of expense or beauty. This segment is strictly to allow our judging panel to gauge each young woman’s confidence, poise and personality.

On Stage Interview (10%) - Each contestant will be asked a question on stage by one of our judges. Business attire is expected; again, the appearance of expense of attire is not considered during judging.

Self Choreographed Fitness (10%) - This segment of competition will allow each young woman to choreograph her own 90 second **fitness presentation based upon her individual fitness level. Each individual should submit in, in writing, their definition of health. Any information related to their abilities and/or medical restrictions that impact her definition of fitness and the way in which she pursues fitness may also be included and judges will factor that information into scoring. The subject is strictly their health, not weight or body image. Everyone has their own definition of health, this is your opportunity to explain what that means to you. Music for this segment will be provided to contestants by the directors. **This does not mean a dance, this must be a fitness presentation. An example of what is expected will be provided by the board.

Ms. & Miss Extraordinary Heart will spend their year of service with us promoting the Extraordinary Hearts Foundation, and its mission to provide assistance to those with extreme medical needs, via appearances at events, fundraisers, outreach & community service opportunities throughout the Tri-State area. There will also be photo sessions provided by Carisa Fazenbaker Photography, promoting of our sponsors and local businesses who are community service driven, promoting the beauty of our area, parades, and more! Each titleholder must seek out at least 5 community service oriented (not parades, etc.) appearances on their own that must be approved by the board. The board will also organize 5 additional mandatory appearances for titleholders in addition to other optional appearances throughout the year. This is the minimum expectation from our titleholders. We encourage each titleholder to make the most of her year and participate in as many events and appearances as she is able.

We are so excited to welcome you all into the family. It is important to us that this competition promote a strong sense of sisterhood. This is where you will meet other young ladies who share the same passion for service as you do. No matter who wins, each contestant will be expected to treat one another with LOVE and RESPECT. We will not tolerate any form of bullying, and anyone found guilty of doing so will be eliminated from the competition. Your scoring is based on YOUR performance, not the comparisons of yours against others. You are only competing against yourself, not one another, so please look at this as a means of coming together and supporting one another. We know any one of you has the potential to be an amazing titleholder, and we encourage you to see that in one another as well.

We have a fun and extremely supportive board that cannot wait to meet and work with our new candidates and titleholders! Join us and have a fun and rewarding year of service as Miss or Ms. Extraordinary Heart!