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Capital City Elite Pageant

5 (3 reviews)
Pennsylvania, USA

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    Capital City Elite Pageant 2020

    5 (3 reviews)
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About Capital City Elite Pageant

  • Capital City Elite, CCE is a pageant system that promotes confidence, self-worth and character. We accept contestants from ages 0-100 with three Supreme Titles. We expose our royalty to experiences that no other system can. We have monthly events where we make appearances, give back to the community or spoil the royalty. All Sr. Royalty receive fully round stoned tiaras, embroidered satin sashes, trophies and customized warm up suits just to start. Contact us now, you may be our next crowned royalty.

    You must compete in Interview, Fun-Fashion and Formal Wear,
    However, we recommend entering the "Supreme" package as you will save money and get two chances for a title.
    The "Supreme" package gives you the basic plus all the optionals for one low cost. Otherwise, Optionals are $25.00 each - Spokesmodel, Casual Wear, Talent, Photogenic and Congeniality. If your optional score is higher then the mandatory "must compete" entries, your lowest score will be replaced by your highest optional score. This gives you a better chance of winning a title. We do not double title our queens.
    Our Baby Division only compete in Formal Wear and Casual Wear
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