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Canada Perfect

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About Canada Perfect

Welcome to Canada Perfect Pageants, a platform for aspiring models from all corners of Canada! Our pageants provide a stage for contestants to showcase their natural beauty and talents, embracing diversity and individuality.

For those who secure a national title, a prestigious opportunity awaits them at the Worlds Perfect Finals in Florida.

At Canada Perfect Pageants, we strive to empower our contestants to realize their perfect dreams. Our well-established system promotes fairness and fosters positive achievements for all participants.

We believe that "Perfect" is not about conforming to society's standards but celebrating body positivity, confidence, and self-empowerment. Embracing one's flaws and accepting oneself completely is what truly defines perfection.

When you join the Perfect Family, you gain honesty, love, kindness, loyalty, and happiness - the essence of what "Perfect" truly means.

We welcome all young ladies, women, and men across Canada and the United States, whether you have experience in major pageant systems or are completely new to the world of pageantry. At Canada Perfect Pageants, you have the opportunity to be all that you can be.

So, come and be part of Canada Perfect Pageants, where we celebrate uniqueness, individuality, and the pursuit of your perfect dreams!

Rules of Canada Perfect

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  • Are you allowed to have kids?


  • Who is allowed to compete?


  • What are the phases of competition?

    Talent, Swimsuit/Fitness, Social Impact Initiative, Resume, Red Carpet Walk, Production Number, Platform, Photogenic