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America's Gorgeous Girls

location_icon.svgBristol, VA, USA

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Rules of America's Gorgeous Girls

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  • What are the phases of competition?

    Theme Wear, Interview, Evening Gown, Costume


About America's Gorgeous Girls


About America's Gorgeous Girls Glitz Beauty Pageant:

Founded: 1998
Director: Shelia Call
Location: Bristol, Virginia
Highlights of America's Gorgeous Girls Pageant:

Awards: Over $25,000 in cash prizes awarded
Gifts: More than 800 wrapped Christmas gifts
Prizes: Huge Christmas stockings, custom crowns, and sashes
Titles: Over 90 national titles awarded
Emcees: Hosted by Mr. Tim and Cristina
Production: Punctual and well-organized production
Stage: Beautifully designed stage for contestants
Christmas Party: Festive Christmas party for all participants
Fairness: Emphasis on honesty and fairness in judging
National Pageant Guidelines:

Judging Criteria:

Facial Beauty: 50%
Personality: 25%
Judges Overall Impression: 25%
Age Categories and Makeup Guidelines:

0-3 Years:

Light Face Powder
Light Blush
Natural or a touch of Mascara
Clear Lip Gloss
Light Tanning allowed (optional)
Natural, Pretty, and Age-Appropriate Hairstyles
Dresses: Sunday Best, Flower Girl, Baby Doll, or Tea Party Dresses
4-6 Years:

Light Foundation
Light Mascara
Light-colored Lip Gloss allowed
Light Tanning (not overdone)
Natural, Pretty, and Age-Appropriate Hairstyles
Dresses: Sunday Best, Flower Girl, Baby Doll, Ball Gown, or Tea Party Dresses
7 & Up:

Light, age-appropriate makeup to enhance natural beauty
Natural, Pretty, and Age-Appropriate Hairstyles
Light to minimal tanning allowed (not overdone)
Dresses: Tea Length, Ball Gown, or Party Dress
Attire Guidelines:

Limited stones, sequins, and glitter allowed on all Beauty attire
Emphasis on contestant shining, not the dress
Modeling allowed but not judged
No modeling score in any event
Prohibited: flippers, fake eyelashes
Hairpieces allowed but must look natural, soft, and not overdone
Line-up check to ensure guidelines are followed
Judges may deduct points for excessive glitz in attire, overdone hair and makeup, and overly dark tanning
America's Gorgeous Girls Glitz Beauty Pageant is known for its emphasis on natural beauty and fairness in competition. It offers substantial prizes, a festive atmosphere, and an opportunity for contestants to showcase their charm and personality.