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VIP Elite Photography

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V.I.P. is different from counseling or consulting. Counselors work to understand the present from a review of the client’s past. This is an important process for many people, but it is fairly long and slow.

Consulting is more prescriptive. A consultant highly skilled in a particular area reviews the client’s situation and makes recommendations for improvement in those specific areas.

V.I.P. is like having a personal trainer for your life which ties into your vision. It is a partnership. In this short-term, intensive process, the client identifies goals, objectives, and we help lay out a strategic game plan for reaching those goals and objectives.

Clients direct the focus of conversation while our team listens and contributes strategically to bring clarity and forward movement. Clients tend to make headway when they focus and become aware of their options. Our Vision is the process of getting you from where you are to where you desire to be.

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