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The Queen's Magnet

The perfect way to ~Shine Even Brighter~ without harming fabric!
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Shine even brighter with The Queen's Magnet!

We love showing off on the pageant stage and horse show ring, but don't love holes in our fabrics. The Queen's Magnet has many uses to prevent pesky punctures.

~You've spent a good chunk of change on evening gowns and cocktail dressed...only to put a pin through it to attach your contest number? Pageant mommas say a big NO! The magnet shines beautifully alongside your gown and won't pull fabric.

~You've brushed your horse's mane, polished her hooves, and allowed for plenty of rest. Now it's time to treat yourself like a queen! Strong magnets won't fall off during jumps or trotts. Say neigh to wardrobe malfunctions!

Each item is carefully handcrafted for each of our Queens. Stay tuned on our website and Facebook page to check new postings and sales!

Email/message us with custom orders! Mention this TPP ad for $5 off your first magnet!!!!!

Visit thequeensmagnet.com to see more designs!

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