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World's Miss Tourism Pageants

  • Nashville, TN, United States
WOW... 365 Days can make a difference...
In 365 days we collected and delivered food, flowers, books...we visited childrens homes, nursing homes, raised money for animals, charities, were in fashion shows, tv news broadcasts, we were in newspapers, magazines we were at the Miss USA pageant and Miss Universe Pageant, we were in parades, we jumped from an airplane, road a camel, kissed a pig, we read stories to kids and seniors, we spoke out about bullying, we educated people about our charities We showed you our towns, our communties...we toured the world to show what is great and beautiful. We are girls just like you! We come from all over the USA and the World to show you, all of the amazing things that can happen under the crown of stars. we were there and now you can do it too....What we did was not miraculous, what we did made a difference...it is amazing what can happen in 365 days...A year from now you will wish you had joined too...So do it now... join a pageant that not only is one big family but, one that shows you how to make a difference...
This is not a one day pageant event, win and go home. This is a year of appearances, challenges, personal development, community outreach, learning to give your crown a voice, finding your passion and learning to adapt it into your platform. We pride ourselves on being the break away pageant. We are natural on 10 and under but do allow very embellished wardrobe.
Girls come from all over the world to attend our World finale' in July. During the three day event we have our Black White and Pink Ball, where we are formally introduced, share our platforms and then dance the night away. It is like a reunion because we all know each other and have supported each other through-out the year.
Est. in 1998 girls are accepted from anywhere in the world ages 5 and up, including Mrs., Ms., Over 50 and Plus Size. Be the difference. Start Right Now!
Join us today!
What a difference a Year can Make
A year from now what will you have done?
A year from now would you rather count your wins or would you rather count your appearances, challenges, community outreach and growth.
Welcome, to The World's Miss Tourism Pageant Organization. A pageant unlike any other. We believe in Community Outreach, in giving your crown a voice, in character building, in developing self esteem...We believe success is for those who work hard ...We believe beauty comes from within...We believe there is value in everyone...We believe in HOPE because our Tourism Girls show us everyday something amazing!

If you or someone you know might enjoy an event like ours please share our event with them today. Then watch them flourish as the year continues.
Age is based on the age you will be on August 1, 2017.
Little Miss Tourism 5-6 ... Jr. Miss Tourism 7-9 ...
Pre-Teen Miss Tourism 10-12 ... Jr. Teen Miss Tourism 13-15 ...
Teen Miss Tourism 16-18 ... Miss Tourism 19-27 (never married never given birth) ... Mrs. Tourism 21-49 (currently married) ... Ms. 21-49 (widowed, divorced, have/or have had children) ... Classic Ms. 50 and up ... Miss Tourism Beauty 19 & up (plus size 14 or larger) Join now at www.worldsmisstourismpageants.com

World's Miss Tourism Pageants Rules

Who is allowed to compete?

Both. We allow both male and female contestants.

What are the phases of competition?

Interview, Evening Gown, Photogenic, Costume

Age group

Teen, Junior Princess, Princess, Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Miss

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