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Having competed in many pageants, I found that the biggest and most heartbreaking part of the competition is when a contestant cries and asks the question "what's wrong with me?". The aim of pageants is to create a caliber of young woman to inspirie elegance, beauty, embrace individuality but most importantly - for them to realize the impact their finger print has on the future to come. What good is a world filled with insecurities, self-doubt? Why not create an image that even the girl next door has the potential to be more than her surroundings? Former Miss World, Rolene Strauss represented every South African young girl and inspired us to dream big. Miss Vero is a pageant like no other.

With many unspoken rules that disqualify young ladies - Vero is crafted for girls of different body sizes, skin tones - flaws and all, Miss Vero is a lover of all things unique! Do you have what it takes to call yourself a VeroGirl?

Enter noooooow!!!!!!


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