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Miss Universe Tanzania

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The Miss Universe Tanzania pageant is an official competition of Miss Universe. Finalists from all over the country compete for the title of Miss Universe Tanzania. Miss Universe Tanzania identified was held for first time in 2007. Since that year the pageant became the official national franchise holder of Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. Since the pageant's inception, the second runner up of the Miss Universe Tanzania used to compete at Miss International until 2011 when the Miss Universe Tanzania organization severed ties with them and ceased to send representatives to said pageant. Nowadays the Miss Universe Tanzania has only franchised the main winner to Miss Universe. Inside the organizer of Miss Universe Maria Sarungi Tsehai Management; Miss Universe Tanzania, Miss Universe Ethiopia, Miss Universe Kenya, Miss Universe Rwanda and Miss Universe Uganda are having a single franchise to present the winner as their country's ambassador to Miss Universe under Maria Sarungi Tsehai Directorship.

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