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Operation Evolve

Operation Evolve, LLC is committed to provide unique personal and professional development training for girls and women that allow them to gain clarity, discover their passions, and walk in purpose. Since 2016, we have achieved this through one-on-one coa
  • Montgomery, AL, USA

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Our goal is to create a generation of leaders who are confident in who they are while making a positive impact in the classroom, the boardroom, and in their community. For every person who comes to Operation Evolve, LLC for any service, we have three objectives: EDUCATE, EMPOWER, EVOLVE!
Education is so much more than what is learned in a formal setting. Whether you are developing a product or service, competing in a pageant, or need a program to develop your leadership skills, you will need to be educated in those unfamiliar areas. Operation Evolve prides itself on creating unique concepts to make your training effective and efficient. We currently have an exciting line up of coaching programs and events that will prepare you for your next step.
It is one thing to provide someone with knowledge, but to allow someone the opportunity to utilize that knowledge in their lives is another thing. Operation Evolve prides itself on not limiting our services to providing information. We ensure that our clients are empowered to develop the skills learned in their lives. We believe in open and honest communication between our clients and staff and will provide constructive feedback as we empower you to implement new skills into your life.
No two people are alike and no two people are on the same journey At Operation Evolve, we appreciate that you acknowledge that you are looking to shift out of your current position and are willing to invest in yourself to get to your next destination. While on that journey, we are not trying to change who you are. We simply will give you the tools to evolve yourself or your business so your are performing at your very best. This is something that we are committed to doing as a staff so that we can be our very best for you!

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