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Lashout with Kayla ToriBelle Affiliate

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  • Abbeville, SC, USA

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My name is Kayla Caudle and I am an affiliate for Tori Belle cosmetics. We specialize in a unique line of false lashes that are completely magnetic, thus eliminating glue, lash loss, and time-consuming routines with your lashes. I'm a director as well as a former contestant at the state and National level and have found these to be life-changing products.
Tori Belle specializes in magnetic liner lash combination sets that completely eliminate the need for glue ons, extensions, and timely routines that slow you down. Within minutes your lashes are set and ready for the whole day. At the end of the day, you just use a little dab of the "shake it off" makeup remover, take the lashes off and store them in their magnetic box. You'll get about 30 uses per set. This ultimately averages at about $1.85 a use for a 30 use set! Instead of spending $15 for a set you may use once, to a handful of times, why not invest in a gorgeous set (s?!) of lashes that will LAST!! Don't get stuck in 2019, its time to CHANGE and see the 2020 vision in store!!

A little about myself:
I personally use my Tori Belle lashes in equestrian competition (rodeo), and exit the arena with super flashy lashes, and confidence that they weren't budging while I compete. I am a former Miss Rodeo South Carolina, and Miss Rodeo America Contestant. I strive daily to find new ways to make queen and contestant lives easier and more efficient, so that they spend their time as ambassadors instead of fretting over the small things, such as lash glue or wardrobe issues. I've found that these lashes eliminated human error of a shaky hand, misplaced glue, or strips sticking where I didn't mean to put them. They cut huge amounts of time out of my routine, and I worry less about harming my skin, or accidentally pulling my lashes out. Once they're on, I dont think about them again until I'm back home and finished with whatever the day threw at me.
I would LOVE to help you! Just send a message over to me here, on facebook @KaylaCaudle or Lashout With Kayla https://www.facebook.com/LashoutwithKayla92/

I can also be reached at 864.354.6466

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