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Eve Dawes

  • Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • Operating Hours: 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Friday)
    10:00 am -09:00 pm (Sunday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Monday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Tuesday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Wednesday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Thursday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Friday) 10:00 am -09:00 pm (Saturday)

Learn from the Pro! Whether it's for the WBFF, NPC, a pageant, or bikini or fitness photoshoot. Get your questions answered, customized posing for you and your body, perfect your stage presence, keep your head in the game, and everything else you need to know going into the show to bring your A-game, feel confident, look beautiful and to stand out.

I know you're only on stage for a few moments and we need to maximize that precious moment you've worked so hard for so you can head into your show prepared, ready to shine, and bring your personality to the stage in a classy way. Past posting clients have won Mrs. Nevada America, Ms. Fitness Australia, and been prepped to shoot for Maxim.

Invest in yourself and go in with no regrets!

Coaching can be done both in person or online and is always done by myself; Eve Dawes WBFF Pro Bikini Diva & Mrs. Nevada United States 2017.

Please contact me for more information and pricing to start your journey to the stage today!

Available for 1 to 1 Coaching Session
Helen Dixon
27, June 2020
Overall Experience

Eve empowers women with her deep experience in nutrition and fitness. Also, love her makeup and cosmetic line where you can make your own custom color shade of lipstick! She is a gem to work with!