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Dania Denise - Pageant Coach

Pageant Coaching
  • San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Operating Hours: 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Monday)
    10:00 am -05:00 pm (Sunday) 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Monday) 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Tuesday) 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Wednesday) 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Thursday) 09:00 am -05:00 pm (Friday) 10:00 am -05:00 pm (Saturday)

Hello, Queens (and future Queens)!

My name is Dania Denise and if there's anything you should know about me upfront, it's that I don't do anything I'm not 200% committed to. If you can't be all in, you shouldn't be doing it. This is the same approach I have when it comes to coaching pageant contestants.

A coach shouldn't be just the person who shows you how to do stuff, they should believe in your potential and develop a working relationship that brings out your best, while learning how to polish the areas you might need a bit more work on. Instead of training you to be another strong competitor, to me, it's more important to train you to be a strong leader, a woman of influence and a force to be reckoned with...while framing all of this within the world of "pageant life."

Whether you win your pageant or not, my goal is to have you walk away from the experience knowing you have no regrets and that YOU were proud of what you did and the work you put in.

I'm not the type to say "That's good," when I know you could do more to really improve. My coaching sessions are fun, jam packed with information and by the end of it, we'll feel more like pageant sisters than coach and client. I mix just the right blend of life coaching and pageant coaching to create a customized approach for each client, as well as tailor our sessions for your specific pageant system (not all systems are the same and your coach shouldn't be applying the same techniques and practices to all clients!).

Below are my specialties:

- Interview
- On-Stage Question
- Overall Pageant Prep
- Public Speaking
- Platform Development & Implementation
- Pageant Walks (Evening Gown, Swimwear, Fitness, etc.)
- Posture, Poise & Stage Presence
- Personal Branding
- Life Coaching (i.e. Positive Mindset, Getting Out of Your Own Way, Breaking Bad Habits, Not Being Intimidated by the Competition, Dealing with Mean Girls, etc.)
- Farewell Video Editing Services (for Outgoing Queens Across All Divisions)
- Personal Training for Fitness + Diet/Nutrition Prep (via Personal Trainer, Robert Carrera)

The women I work with are more than just clients, they are members of society I have the honor and privilege to groom for the pageant world and the real world and it's a service I take very seriously. I always commit myself to doing my best to bring out the best in my pageant ladies and after one session, you'll see that I can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Free 1 hour consultations via Zoom are available to test the waters and see if we'd be a good fit so contact me to schedule your free consultation!

Available for 1 to 1 Coaching Session


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