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Pageant Box

The Pageant Box is a perfect way to prepare for your next pageant and is an excellent gift idea for the titleholder in your life!

How It Works

Your Pageant Boxes are tailored around your pageant date. Regardless if your pageant is 12 months or 30 days away your box will be customized based on what you need to win! We are so confident we can help you win that we will cancel your subscription automatically the day of your pageant!

  • Choose

    Select the date of your pageant + age division.

  • Customize

    Answer a few simple questions so we can customize your box!

  • Win

    Boxes and training schedule are delivered based on your pageant date.

Step 1:

Choose a plan

Every pageant box includes a magazine, access to our member portal, training strategies tailored around your competition date and a box filled with items that help you execute the training strategies. It’s a coach in a box!

Choose your option below:

  • $29/mo

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Step 2:

Customize your Pageant Box

In order to customize a winning prep schedule for you we need to know your age division and pageant date.

Step 3:

Win the Pageant

Our Pageant Box takes the thinking out of training. We tell you what to prepare and how to prepare up until the day of your pageant. Then we cancel your subscription. Afterall, you won’t need our box after you win, right?


Let us help you win your pageant and eliminate the stress of training! You got this.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pageant Box

What’s in the box?

Every Pageant Box includes:

Pageant Prep Course - Monthly or weekly depending on your pageant date you’ll receive emails from us outlining what you need to be working on and what you should have already done based on your pageant date. Our tailored timelines have thought of everything so that you don’t need to think. You can just follow our training schedule.

Pageant Box - Our box includes physical items that help you fulfill the action items laid out in the Pageant Prep Course and include 1-on-1 coaching sessions. For example, if we tell you to purchase something you may just find that item in your box! Hint. Hint.

Membership portal access - Through our portal we connect you with coaches, review your paperwork, help write your introductions, find your wardrobe and so much more. For example, if your Pageant Prep Course action item is to shop for your evening gown you can upload your options on the portal and we will tell you, which choice is best based on your system, age division and skin tone.

Magazine - Our magazine is filled with pageant tips, inspirational titleholder stories and exclusive discounts on items like entry fees, coaching packages and wardrobe.

What does the membership portal include?

Unlimited paperwork reviews

Unlimited feedback on evening gown, fun fashion, interview and talent options

Unlimited reviews on talent routines

Unlimited help writing introductions

Unlimited feedback on pageant headshots

Ask unlimited questions

Access interviews with experts and titleholders who tell you what it takes to win!

Coaching is customized to your gender, location, age division and pageant system.

What age divisions are best suited for the Pageant Box?

Our subscribers range from princess to mrs contestants. Each box is customized around your pageant date and age division!

Is the box only for girls who are actively competing?

Yes! Our Pageant Box is designed help contestants prepare to win their pageant and each box you receive is customized around your age division and pageant date. If you’re not competing then this is not for you.

When is the deadline to order?

The weekly deadline is Sunday by 11:59 p.m. EST. We ship Pageant Boxes each Monday. Your ship date is based around your pageant date and will be communicated to you via email when you order.

Will I be charged monthly?

Yes, until the date of your pageant. Then we cancel your monthly charges for you and send you a confirmation email. However, if you do want to cancel early for any reason you can by using the contact form on our site before your next charge date. Don’t worry, we don’t make it awkward. We get the message, cancel your subscription and then send out an optional questionnaire.

What titleholders have used our Pageant Prep Course to prepare for their pageant?

1. Miss Vermont Teen USA 2019

2. United States of America's Miss California 2019

3. National American Miss Jr Teen All American 2018-2019

4. Mrs. USA Petite 2018

5. Miss United Nation International 2018

6. Miss District of Columbia Jr High 2018

7. USA National Miss Pennsylvania 2018

8. 17 – National America Miss Top 5 Finishers at State 2017

9. Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2017

10. Miss New York Sunburst 2017

11. Miss Barbados 1st Runner-up 2017

12. Young Miss Pasadena Strawberry Festival 2017

13. National American Miss Massachusetts 2017

14. Miss California Jr Teen United States 2017

15. Miss Jr High School America 2nd Runner Up 2017

16. Miss Ohio World America 2017 (Top 10 National Finalist)

17. 1 – Miss America State Titleholder 2017

18. 1 – 2017 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen State Titleholder

19. IJM Texas Teen 2017

20. Ms Earth Australia 2017

21. Miss San Bernardino County’s Outstanding Teen 2017

22. Miss Alaska Teen USA 2017

23. Mrs Nevada United States 2017

24. National American Miss Teen 2016-2017

25. 8 – 2017 Miss America Local Titleholders

26. 4 – 2017 Miss America top 5 state finishers

27. 6 – 2016 Miss America Local Titleholders

28. 1 – 2016 Miss America State Titleholder

29. Mrs Nevada United States 2016

30. Tiny Miss Arkansas International 2016

31. Miss Barbados Universe 2016 – 1st Runner Up

32. Miss Teen United States 2015

33. Miss United States 2016

34. Miss Princess of America 2016

35. Miss Teen California USA 2015, who got 1st Runner Up at Miss Teen USA!