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Vannessa Lim


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Cancer
  • Image Height 5ft 8inch
  • Image Weight 128lbs

From Port Stephens, home of the Great Lakes Marine Park, in New South Wales, Australia, a former child slave under the occupation of the PolPot Regime in Cambodia, Vannessa was forced to work from the age of 2 to 5 for her daily meal of watery rice porridge in exchange for work carried out in the Rice Paddocks, from dawn till dusk.

In 2002, Vannessa became a mum, despite doctors and specialists telling her she couldn't have a child, and within four years, Vannessa became a mum of four. She has overcome other medical challenges, and soon to walk on stage at her very first beauty pageant appearance as a contestant, due to the a result of a dedicated team of doctors from the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, who gave her the gift of being able to walk again.

Vannessa is an avid volunteer in various community projects and charities throughout her life, who was recently asked by the founder of a charity group she was sponsoring in another pageant system, to become a member of its committee, which now sponsors her, in her passion to raise awareness on the issues surrounding domestic violence and domestic abuse,... Run Against Violence!

Vannessa recently join the acting world, and can soon be seen on the big screen in her first international feature film, playing the role of an FBI Scientist in, "Risen" written and directed by Eddie Arya, to be released September, 2019.

Help support Vannessa in her quest to inspire others and show others that trails in one's life can help us become resilient, it can empower us to help others, and age is just a number and life after 40 is just as adventurous as that of our 20s, if not more.

More importantly, that being a mum is more than just being someone's mother, and being a wife is more than just being someone's partner. A woman has her own identity, hopes and dreams. So please support Vannessa in her efforts to raise awareness and education those who care to listen, that violence and abuse against a man, a woman, a child is not OK, because that is her passion. She wants everyone to experience a healthy, loving, caring, nurturing and empathetic relationship, with a similar quality of life as the next person,, because deserve it.

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    July 22, 1974

  • New South Wales, Australia

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Fitness instructor, aquafitness instructor, Coach

Pageant Platform

Australia Galaxy Pageants

What is the Occupation of Vannessa Lim


Which School Did Vannessa Lim Attend?

University of Wollongong/Enmore Design Centre

Why start competing in pageants

Upon accidentally stumbling into the pageant scene, Vannessa loves the idea that the pageant world enables contestants to use the pageant platform to raise awareness on issues that contestants are passionate about.

FUN FACTS about Vannessa Lim

Vannessa can eat 1kg of meat per meal and loves her food. Vannessa is sponsored by charity group "Run Against Violence" and by "Hunter Laser Vision"

What is the Nationality of Vannessa Lim

Australian/Chinese (Teo Chew/ Cantonese)/ Vietnamese/Cambodian