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Trisha Bantigue


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In June 2013, right after I had just walked out of my high school graduation ceremony, I got a call from a so-called "Miss Global Organization". They told me that they'd love for me to join this year and that my whole fee was being sponsored. I never thought I'd compete in any pageants since I knew they were very costly, and so when this opportunity came to me, I said, "hey, why not?"

My first experience with Miss Global was so incredible and life changing that even though I didn't win, I wanted to take my experience and improve upon it. I wanted to better myself as a pageant contestant, as a young woman, and as a person overall. I went on to compete in other pageants that I won or placed at, and I only plan on competing in more until I can't any longer.

Most people ask me what my hobby is and I say "pageantry", for what is a hobby other than something that you love doing and something that you're good at? This is definitely something that I love with all my heart. I love the thrill it gives me when I walk on that stage and show the world who I am and what I'm capable of. I love getting to know all these wonderful girls from all parts of the world and getting to know each and every one of their stories while at the same time getting to share mine. I love the valuable and loving friendships that I make in the process. I love being able to send out a message on issues that I care about, especially my platform. I love being able to be this role model that people can look up to and I love to set an example for little girls everywhere and tell them that they too can be where I am today.

Growing up as an independent student with no parental support or guidance since I was 17, it was especially difficult for me to pursue higher education, let alone pursue something like this. I come from a world full of adversities and I wanted to prove to the world that when life gives you so many obstacles & hardships, you don't just give up. You say no to the stereotypes and what it gives you and you fight for what you want, what you deserve, and who you want to be. This is the message that I want to send out to all the women and all the girls that want to join pageants. Who says you can't be a beauty queen? Prove them wrong!

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    July 4, 1994

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Pageant Platform

My two platforms are Helping and Empowering Youth and Clean Renewable Energy

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Political Science

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