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Tracie Chan


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Tracie Chan is Mrs Global United 2016!

My name is Tracie Chan & I am 38 years old from Penang, also known as Pearl of the Orient, Malaysia.

Married to a caring & supportive husband and we both owned & running K&T Dance Academy as Principal, Teacher & event organizer. Dancing & Teaching is my passion & I love teaching children's as young as 4 years old to adults in jazz, Kpop & Zumba.

Tell us why u start to compete in pageantry:
I used to be lack of confidence, negative and low self esteem... until My aunt who has just passed away due to cancer have show me the strength and make me think that life is short and we should Live it to the fullest and to help those less fortunate!

I joined pageantry because I want to build my confidence, to do something amazing for those in need & make difference in others life by inspiring others woman out there to appreciate life and valuing inner beauty! This shows that nothing is impossible!

- Dance & Charity are important in my Life and I am thankful that I can linked up both of them to create something wonderful for the community. Thru Dance it will brings happiness, joy and at the same time able to raise fund for those in needs such as cancer society/hospitals, senior citizen home, orphanage and dogs shelters. I always encourage and remind my students Charity is for everyone and it's good to start since young by contributing in kind such as thru dancing or voluntary work.
- I can speak 3 languages - English, Malay & 4 dialects of Chinese namely Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien & Hakka.

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    May 15, 1979

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Bachelor of Art (Hons) in Business Administration