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Titilayo Akinwumi


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Meet Titilayo Akinwumi: Miss Myrtle Beach Plus World!

Nigerian-American, Titlayo C. Akinwumi of Pee Dee, South Carolina.
I am a loving big sister.
An amazing daughter
A best friend.
A silly/goofy cousin
Most importantly a child of God
Reared by my grandparents, I'm a Granny's girl to the core. I’m relentless in my quest to help those who are eager to learn how to care for love ones regardless if it’s a; mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousin or friend. Early on I acquired a profound compassion and caring for people in need. Despite my young age, I have already partnered with numerous non-profits to promote, support and enlarge the territory of those like me whose life mission is to care and care concretely. I evoke this by addressing the needs as I meet them whether they are for education, community awareness, entrepreneurship, health and mental health, youth development and support for the aging
I’ve learned my most important life lessons by watching my grandmother care for her mother and husband until their passing. This torch was handed off to me years later when my grandmother became too ill to care for herself. It is then that I made the profound commitment and sacrifice to step away from full-time employment to devote myself to my grandmother’s care until her passing in the fall of 2018. Despite the uncertainty of not knowing what this critical pathway would demand, just as my grandmother had done before me, creatively and successfully carved out a life to support and sustain my beloved grandmother for four arduous years.
There were rough times during this journey as a caregiver. However, the joy it brought us both was well worth the sleepless nights and long days of doctor’s visits, medications, transportation, food, laundry and monitoring. Yet this has been what inspired me and sourced the program concept for Miss Ola’s Care Foundation.

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  • South Carolina, United States

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