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Theodora Giovannelli


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Theodora has lived in China, South Africa, and Tunisia before moving to Canada at the age of 16. She is now a proud Canadian residing in Mississauga, Ontario. Growing up in three different countries and attending international schools before moving to Canada blessed Theodora with the opportunity to experience different cultures and become a global citizen. When she moved to Canada, her culturally diverse childhood allowed her to embrace and admire Canada’s cultural diversity.

Education has been an extremely important aspect of Theodora’s life as learning new knowledge and skills have been vital in allowing her to evolve herself both professionally and personally. She attended Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario and majored in BA Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Majoring in psychology taught Theodora that while it is important to take care of your physical health, your mental health is equally as important. She is pursuing an education in nursing and working as a registered nurse in the future because she wants to pursue a career that is stimulating, challenging, and makes a difference to people’s lives on a daily basis. Theodora hopes to one day work as a nurse in pediatrics, as her interest in providing service and care for children stemmed from her volunteer work at the Brightpath Daycare in Oakville, Ontario.

Theodora avidly believes in giving back to the community because she wants to make an impact on people’s lives, create change, and strengthen communities. Through her volunteering experiences with children, schools, and elders, she has had the opportunity to service low-socioeconomic communities, grow as a person, apply leadership, and collaborate with many inspiring individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Most importantly, volunteering has also allowed Theodora to develop compassion and empathy by seeing the world through the eyes of those around her which is extremely important because it fosters trust, teamwork, and a meaningful relationship with others.

In her spare time, Theodora loves to play the piano, read books, camp, hike, and travel around the world. Theodora has travelled to over 40 countries in 5 different continents. Traveling has expanded Theodora’s horizon about the world and different cultures, allowed her to discover cultural diversity, increased her appreciation for her cultural identity, put her out of her comfort zone, and opened her eyes to the current world issues.

Besides volunteering and music, sports and fitness have also played a huge part in Theodora’s life because they have helped her develop a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. Theodora was a member of her high school’s swim team and a member of her university’s recreational soccer team. She is an adventurous scuba diver and loves the sport because it allows her to discover marine species and biodiversity. Scuba diving has also made Theodora aware of the issues facing marine ecosystems and has inspired her to be accountable in conserving the ocean.

While in high school, Theodora was a victim of bullying. The experience shaped her life by teaching her to be strong, to love herself, and to be resilient towards new challenges. Theodora wants to become an advocate against bullying by using her personal experiences of how she overcame bullying through strength, the foundation of a positive support system, and the ability to promote mental health in order to inspire others who are also trying to overcome bullying. She wants to show others that a bad experience does not define who they are and that they are not alone.

By competing in Miss Universe Canada, Theodora appreciates the opportunity to grow as a person, strengthen confidence, develop effective communication skills, apply leadership, and support her platforms with passion. Theodora is extremely grateful, honoured, humbled, and proud to be given the opportunity to be a national finalist for Miss Universe Canada. Her ambitions, skills, diversity, academic background, extracurricular involvement, and volunteering experiences have given her the traits that are necessary to represent the country with pride as Miss Universe Canada. She is ambitiously and diligently working hard to becoming a role model for young people and the next Miss Universe Canada.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Theodora Giovannelli

Student at University of British Columbia

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University of British Columbia