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Tanja Grubnic


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Passionate about feminist research, Tanja Grubnic has her sights set high on completing her PhD and becoming a great professor. Her dissertation examines the rejection of women’s cultural production (artistic work) in today’s society, with an emphasis on women writers. Beginning her undergraduate studies in English Literature, she went on to graduate with a Masters in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory. She wrote her thesis on the power of popular culture, media, and celebrity in influencing the ways in which gender and national identity are experienced in society.

Driven to live life in its highest sense, this 28 year old has learned to embrace her open-minded, resourceful and curious nature to step outside of her comfort zone, challenge tradition and reach beyond perceived limits. Physical fitness, especially yoga, has helped Tanja gain the inner strength and patience necessary to creatively express her truest and greatest self. Off of her mat, Tanja loves to journal, collect inspiring quotations, travel, and spend time with loved ones.

Her mother, brother, and father have all lived with disease and disability. Though initially holding her back, bearing witness to their unique experiences has recently inspired Tanja to live a more open and positive life with gratitude in her heart. Entering Miss Universe Canada stems from her desire to use her personal stories to connect with people who have suffered from the stigma of disease and disability, proving by example that no matter what life throws at you, you can be your own best self-advocate through practicing gratitude, sharing kindness, and honouring your dreams.

Using her passion for writing and public speaking, Tanja dreams of producing and hosting her own motivational documentary or talk show series one day. She has always felt a calling to publish a book, and hopes to leave an impact by exploring issues that are timely and relevant to Canadian society as well as the world at large. As a feminist spokesperson, Tanja is driven to spread a message that underlines the need for women to stop apologizing for their femininity, and to instead start feeling empowered in their feminine strengths while breaking down ideologies of gender and power in the workplace.

Above all, Tanja is looking forward to participating in this year’s Miss Universe Canada competition, and is excited to experience all that this once in a lifetime opportunity has to offer.

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  • Ontario, Canada

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