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Sudan A.L. E.


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GODSU Jr. Ambassador Sudan Alex-Rose Lizz Eubanks (S.A.L.E) is an entrepreneur and public speaking POWERHOUSE. The founder of the Jr. Ambassador Program, Chancellor Diane Moore-Eubanks inspired her to create SudanDolls at just 8yrs of age, a company that sells collectible male and female dolls of African-Caribbean descent. At 8yrs old she was looking for a doll in the big franchises, upon searching, she could NOT find any dolls that looked like her. However, upon visiting the Caribbean she realized the great diversity in dolls
of every ethnicity, skin color, and hair type and had that "AHA moment"! This birthed SudanDolls. Sudan wants to provide an opportunity for everyone to be able to have a doll that looks like them, she ranges in shades from Vanilla, to Wakanda Chocolate! She has been speaking publicly since the age of 6 years young introducing famous business people, the exposure has made her an invaluable speaker domestically and internationally!
She's the co-host of "Uplifting News", where she and Created by Miss Broward County, 2020 Cairo Eubanks bring you uplifting bite-sized content! She launched on Monday, March 30, 2020, making 1,500 views so far.

Sudan created the SudanAPPS in 2018. After two summers of coding at Gifting Camps, she is coding at a 12th-grade level and recently completed the GODSU APP. Sudan designed this mobile application to showcase the diverse offerings of Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU) to students in parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world where cell phones with Wi-Fi are more accessible than computers.

Sudan exemplifies that brains = beauty

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    March 21, 2007

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Pageant Platform

Youth Entrepreneurialism+ STEM

What is the Occupation of Sudan A.L. E.

Self-Employed: SudanDolls

Which School Did Sudan A.L. E. Attend?

Glades Middle School

Why start competing in pageants

I started competing in pageants to spread my social impact statement of Youth Entrepreneurialism+ STEM nationwide! I've been heavily impacted by both entrepreneurship and STEM. I've been gifted the opportunity of being in business settings from a young age, which has sculpted my leadership characteristics and mindset. STEM, is all around us! Having a father that was the first African-American person to graduate from FSU with a biochemistry degree, I've seen first hand that science, technology, engineering, and math are key to success in life. I'd like to gift my experiences for today's generation! Let ME influence today's youth.