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Skye Harlee Sawers


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Hazel
  • Image Zodiac Sign Gemini
  • Image Height 5ft 2inch

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Half way there!

Description : Halfway to achieving the whole budget to support me in my journey towards the crown in pageantry.
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Hi, my name is Skye Harlee Sawers. I am currently a senior in high school in Australia. I am a school captain and love organizing charity events at school and helping out with volunteer work in my community. My dreams consist of becoming a successful actress and film producer and eventually starting my own charity that owns safe and caring orphanages for children all around the world.

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    June 18, 2003

  • Queensland, Australia

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Acting, Singing, Playing the saxaphone

Pageant Platform

The Australian International Pageant

What is the Occupation of Skye Harlee Sawers

Senior in High School

Which School Did Skye Harlee Sawers Attend?

Australian Christian College

Why start competing in pageants

I started to compete in the Australian International pageant this year because of the community and volunteer work that is involved. I love helping out others who are in need, and I felt as though this pageant shares the same passion. The bonus of course is getting to dress up.

FUN FACTS about Skye Harlee Sawers

I was born in Guam. I was in my first commercial at the age of 4.

What is the Nationality of Skye Harlee Sawers

American, Scottish, Australian