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Silvia Morar


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Silvia Morar is of Romanian background born in 2001 in her hometown of Windsor, Ontario. She is first generation Canadian and has been through many obstacles growing up in both homes of Romania and Canada. Her family arrived to Canada In the year 99? with just one bag on their back. Coming in from a torn country after a harsh revolution her family being her mother, father, and sister came in search of better life. When she came into the world she had grown up in a very hardworking family who had always had intentions of teaching her the same. In her past 18 years Silvia has had many role models influencing her in her life. Such as her older sister. Her sister came from Romania knowing no English and she has since then become a very independent and strong woman. Silvia wishes to follow her sisters path by continuing her education from highschool at Windsor’s St.Clair College entering a Pre Pathway to Health Sciences and furthermore going into the BSCN program. Becoming a Nurse has been a vision of hers for very long. Silvia has travelled to her home country and grown up there for one and a half years when she was around the age of 6 and has seen the extents the health care has come to be. She wishes that people would be treated in cleaner, and less corrupt environments and she would want to help with that. Silvia would also like to start travel nursing and humanitarian excursions like her other family members, helping sick children and civilians who cannot afford to treat their wounds or health problems and as well as providing food. She would use her platform as Miss Universe Canada by furthering others knowledge on worldly problems. Such as World violence, corrupt societys, Famine, global climate change and pollution damage. She feels as it is necessary to teach her generation cohort to be friendly and open hearted stewards, as it is their job to keep this earth as one. As an independent Canadian emerging woman she aspires to travel and be able to speak out and edueducate younger woman and men that they can become anything their hearts and minds dream of being and that with everyone speaking up and being educated on these world issues they could impact society very positively. It would be her full duty and pleasure in taking this responsibility as she emerged into this life long path in helping others and making people feel confident, just as she has learned to be from her families morals and values. She wishes nothing but to spread positive messages to others.

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