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Shawdi Safari


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Shawdi was born in Iran with her loving and supportive family, who guarded her against facing gender-based adversities. Ever since immigrating to Canada at the age of 15, she has experienced two vastly different societal states with regards to the way that women were treated. Witnessing these contrasting values inspired her to contribute to the emancipation of voiceless women through defying the female stereotypes and becoming successful in the technology field.

To Shawdi, education has always been a way of empowerment; therefore, she always puts a great emphasis on it. Her passion and enthusiasm for technology drew her towards the world of coding, circuits, physics, and engineering. She has decided to pursue Electrical engineering at the University of British Columbia. Because of her interest in the health care field, she then chose the option of Biomedical, just to get the best of both worlds: medicine and engineering. One of Shawdi’s goals is to improve the health care system of Canada through her knowledge and devotion to technology. Because she believes that intention without action is pointless, she has decided to act and make an impact through research and design. Shawdi and her team started working on a neuroscience project at the University of British Columbia. They are working towards the development of a software app that can diagnose Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Outside her busy schedule, meditating, fitness, dancing, modelling, and rollerblading, are the things that Shawdi enjoys doing. She has been belly-dancing for almost 10 years and has performed for different purposes; either for competitions or fundraising events. Fitness is also a passion of hers since it promotes health and discipline. Combined with modelling, fitness has enabled her confidence to flourish.

She believes that individuality is people’s biggest assets and as a result, she always stays authentic to herself and her background. She understands that people are diverse in their own ways and she has embraced her own uniqueness and uses that as her strength in life. Her sense of ambition, courage, dedication, and fearlessness of failure are the things that keep her hungry for more achievements and accomplishments regardless of how arduous the experiences may be.

Despite having a great life with a lot of achievements, a year ago Shawdi felt that she was not living to her full potential. When exploring the ways in which she could have positive impacts in her society on a bigger scale, she realized that pageantry could be a great option, since it is a great way of empowerment and self-improvement. After winning the title of Miss Greater Vancouver in 2018, however, she realized that she needed a bigger platform to touch more people’s lives through her own experiences. Therefore, by competing in Miss Universe Canada, she will not only have a bigger platform to share what she has in her heart with people but also make Canada proud.

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  • British Columbia, Canada

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What is the Occupation of Shawdi Safari

Student at University of British Columbia

Which School Did Shawdi Safari Attend?

University of British Columbia