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Selena Cosme


  • Image Hair Color Brown
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Height 5ft 6inch

Selena Cosme was born in London, Ontario and was raised in Windsor, Ontario. Selena graduated from high school, having accomplished honour roll throughout her four years of high school. She applied and was accepted at the University of Western Ontario for Sociology. Due to family circumstances, she chose to accept an offer for Social Work at the University of Windsor to stay close to home. Selena knew she had future aspirations to apply to law school after completing her four-year Bachelor Degree. She had past experience in a mock trial group in high school and found that law was something she knew she wanted to pursue. Selena chose Social Work as her area of study in her undergrad because she had done volunteer work at Grandview Youth, a nonprofit organization to empower and build self-awareness for children ages 5-12. Selena found comfort in helping others and being a guide in their journey of life. Because of this profound experience for Selena, she decided to also do volunteer work at Harmony in Action, an organization built to enrich the lives of adults living with physical and/or developmental challenges.

Selena was raised in a single parent household, living with her mother all her life. Her dad had abandoned their family when Selena was an infant, so she and her mother learned to provide on their own. Because of this, Selena learned from her mother how important it was to be independent and responsible. She watched her mother face many struggles but was always inspired by how she always managed to overcome each obstacle given to her. Selena hopes to be able to promote more self-confidence and independence for young women and men of this generation since she is aware not everyone may be blessed with a supportive mother like herself.

In the past year, Selena lost a loved one who was very dear to her heart. Because of the fact her father left at a young age, her Nonno (Grandfather) took a role as a father figure throughout the last 19 years of her life. She and her family struggled for months while he was sick, until unfortunately losing him to Cancer. This unfortunate event has taught Selena that life is only so long, but you have to make the time you have worth it while you have it. Selena wants to help other people as much as she can because she knows time is valuable and wants to make a difference with the time she has been given.

Selena believes that all of her hardships have been stepping stones in her life up to this point, given to her in order to be able to overcome anything while still maintaining and persevering her own self-confidence, self-love, and independence. Selena wants to inspire other young woman and men that although life may give you challenges, you can still be your best self. All of this together makes Selena a strong candidate for Miss Canada.

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    June 30, 1999

  • Ontario, Canada

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Which School Did Selena Cosme Attend?

University of Windsor