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Sara Winter


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Determined, ambitious, and hard working are all qualities that describe Sara Winter. She feels passionate about empowering women to pursue their goals, and wants to show the diversity we have in today’s society. As a hard working athlete competing against professional golfers on a mini tour, along with representing Canada twice on the international stage, in 2012 and 2014, she realizes how stereotypes influence many, but is determined to break the stigma that beauty pageants are given, and strives to demonstrate that we should never set limitations for ourselves.

Sara attended York University as a honour roll student where she was earning her Bachelor of Science, although she believes that education is crucial, she also feels that life is to short to not fulfill your passions. Taking a risk, she decided to take time off her studies, to pursue her dream. Golf can be a very male dominated sport, and it may feel intimidating for women. Sara saw how she could be a role model for young girls, and make a positive impact. For example, she is a top ambassador for a company called FOREher Sports, where they connect, educate, and inspire women on and off the golf course. Sara’s dream is to earn her LPGA tour card one day, but along the way if she can help grow the game and get more women and children involved, that feels just as rewarding.

At 15 years old Sara signed her first international modelling contract with an agency in Seoul, Korea. Quickly maturing and learning how much pressure women have to look a certain way, she struggled to feel like she was enough. This incident drove her to enter Miss Teen Canada 2011, where she earned Miss Photogenic. After experiencing the deeper meaning of beauty pageants, Sara used her platform to volunteer at Girl Scouts: an organization helping young girls overcome self esteem issues, and Kids Now: an organization that comforts cyber bullying victims. Both issues she dealt with growing up , and felt her relatable approach would be helpful to others.

Sara naturally has a passion for travelling, and feels intrigued to learn about new cultures. Opportunities through modelling and pageants have allowed her to travel , which has opened her eyes to many issues across the world. She aspires to help the youth succeed to their full potential, and achieve their dreams. For example, being a social influencer for a kids golf clothing company, where she got to encourage today’s youth towards their goals, and act as a role model. Although this is just a small gesture, Sara believes that regardless of what struggles you may be facing, having someone believe and support you can go a long way, and she hopes to put together many more projects in the future across the globe.

Sara’s athleticism, determination and positive mindset, make her a unique contestant and an even more relatable role model. Having represented Canada at SuperModel International 2012, and Top Model of the World 2014, give her the experience and confidence she needs to thrive and make Canada proud on the Miss Universe stage.

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  • British Columbia, Canada

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