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Saloni Kalra


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Saloni Kalra has been crowned Miss Fashion Week Universe 2019.
Saloni is a charming brown-eyed writer and professional model who flew 14,475 kms from Melbourne, Australia to Dallas Texas, U.S.A for her dream which has now come true!

Saloni partook in the Adult Runway category and competed in 3 sections: model black wear, swimsuit and evening wear. She won the adult runway category scooping up the title of Miss Fashion Week Runway and qualified for the final round of competition - an unseen question asked on stage. After the final round Saloni was crowned the ultimate title-holder- Miss Fashion Week Universe.

During her reign, Saloni’s goal for 2019 is to holistically support Miss Fashion Week in promoting its message of self-love, body-positivity and inclusion. Saloni intends to spread the message to every woman who feels the pressure to be perfect from society; that You Are Enough; smart enough, brave enough, young enough, alive enough to go after your dreams and turn them into reality.

~How my journey began~

At 15 years, my dream was to become an international model/pageant queen, like Miss Universe. But I was shy and decided to focus on education and went on to achieve a high distinction in Master of Marketing Management. My personal life went through a huge dark storm and it took me years to find my balance. When I did, my dream was still alive, so I went after it with everything I had. From 2017 I finally entered 3 pageants and modelling competitions and thus the journey began…..

I won 1 of the 3 National Pageants/modelling competitions in Australia & mainly I was self- taught. I learned by watching my fellow contestants, Miss Universe winners, YouTube videos by world class coaches, practicing in front of the mirror for hours and hours! It takes a lot of passion and hard work to develop and hone a new skill. Then I entered Miss Fashion Week and won the Melbourne heat!
That opened a new world for me- the platinum opportunity to go international!
I decided to step up my game and did a professional modelling course at Suzan Johnston organisation in Melbourne, Australia while also working full-time. I was trained by a successful model & coach- Amy Pollock.
As the Miss Fashion Week competition drew closer, I started working with expert coach Kylie Drew. I took feedback very seriously and all the hard work paid off when I was crowned the prestigious title on the international stage. My dream became a reality!

~Who influenced me~

My main influences were Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and Miss Universe 2015 from Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.
Miranda Kerr is a wife, mum, entrepreneur, model, author and went through tough times but always came out on top looking glamorous! She is my role model.
Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Philippines on her 3rd attempt and then took home the Miss Universe title, she did not give up when she lost, that inspired me to keep going and compete against girls who were much younger and had years of experience over me.

~Charitable Initiatives~

I ran a half-marathon (21.1 KM) and a 15 KM run to raise money and awareness for White Ribbon charity that works to prevent domestic violence.

~Future plans~

Currently I am liaising with multiple modelling agencies in Australia to find the best fit for my vision. I am writing a book and continuing to work on elevating my fitness levels.

~What The Crown represents~

A crown is not a piece of headgear with precious stones. Those who think that have a surface level view of the meaning of the word. A crown is a sign of achievement and honor. A crown is a mission. A crown is a purpose. A crown is a ministry. Those who wear and understand the true meaning of a crown know they carry a huge responsibility. Crowns are not given; they are earned. Only the strong and mature can bear the physical, mental and spiritual weight of the crown.

To me this crown represents the Power of Belief. Belief that helped me get over fears and insecurities, belief that kept me going in spite of rejections and traumatic setbacks. Belief that made me stand in front of the mirror and say 'My name is Saloni Kalra and I am Miss Fashion Week Universe.'
Believe that you can do the unbelievable.

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  • Victoria, Australia

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Pageant Platform

Miss Fashion Week

What is the Occupation of Saloni Kalra

A digital marketer by profession, a writer at heart and a lover of nature- Saloni believes that the world belongs to the fearless.

Which School Did Saloni Kalra Attend?

La Trobe University

Why start competing in pageants

Fitness and Fashion have always been my true north. I worked in the luxury fashion industry for around 4 years. I was very athletic as a kid and played basketball, throw-ball and aced it at running long & short distance races. But every time I looked at the cover of a fashion magazine I felt that I needed to be skinnier, thinner, size 0. I literally starved myself in my teen years. Me and my school friend decided that we were going to get a nose job when we grew up! I didn’t think I was ready to enter a beauty pageant until I “fixed myself”, I was scared of not being up to the mark. As time went on, I became a voracious reader and won public speaking competitions. As I matured and gained more confidence, I realized that perfection is boring. Our imperfections make us human and add that unique sparkle of personality that makes us attractive. I was not scared anymore and the fitness enthusiast in me took over. I decided to help everyone around me feel good about themselves. I gave genuine compliments to women who struggled with body image issues to raise their self-esteem. The more I looked the more beauty I saw in each person around me. Helping others somehow helped me get over the fears I had and after many years, now the day has come when my dream of winning a title has come true! I am on the cover of a reputed magazine, working with top photographers and have been crowned with an elite international title.

FUN FACTS about Saloni Kalra

Half-Marathon Runner. Award Winning Public Speaker and Writer.