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Sallyblossom Wright


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Sally was born the youngest of three children in a family that valued love, family events and community. Growing up in Mississauga, Ontario, her suburban childhood typifies the experience of many Canadians, where immigrants, multigenerational, and mixed families live, work and play. Building friendships with neighbourhood children from diverse backgrounds, she learned the importance of cultural customs and values. She learned how important keeping connected with traditions is to new immigrants. During highschool, she spent summers working at an overnight camp in northern Ontario and learned about the challenges of young parents who juggle two jobs and a young family.

All these experiences influenced her to blend her interest in digital technology and helping build more connected communities and work environments. After graduating with a degree in Communications and Culture from McMaster University, she is building a career in digital technology sales and development. Her work experiences have helped her learn how technology can strengthen bonds between businesses, teams and coworkers. All these are qualities she values about herself and her life.

Confident, curious and courageous, Sally knows that continuing to try new things is important. She has started fund-raising activities at work that inspired co-workers to participate and donate and even influenced team building. Sally loves a team environment and stays active playing volley-ball and soccer in her community, participating in fundraisers and never misses a family event. Her creative side is fulfilled with playing guitar and singing and she plans to participate in musical theatre productions, which she did throughout high school and university.
She recently returned from her brother’s wedding in South Korea, where she helped welcome her Korean sister-in-law into her family, bringing a new cultural aspect into her life.

Sally never turns down a new challenge. She is believes she can learn more about herself through others and seeks to be the best friend, coworker and community member she can to help others reach their highest potential. Sally hopes to start her own charity foundation that will help to motivate young and older young women, that will bring in inspirational speakers across Canada to inspire youth, seniors and those with challenges in mental health to be the very best they can.

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  • Ontario, Canada


Singing, Guitar

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