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Royall Cole


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Image Height 3ft 6inch

Royall is a 4 year old African American girl. I believe she is the definition of a social butterfly. She loves learning games, dressing up, role playing, and what she calls her “art projects” (anything to do with paint, crayons or markers). She has the ability to flip her emotions like a light switch. She has energy like the the energizer bunny but still knows when she has to be a attentive. Royall has taken a active role in the community at early age teaching and inspiring others to perform in pageants as well. I’m hoping under the right direction and guidance she goes on to start modeling and acting. If your interested we welcome you to meet Royall for yourselves we believe she is a character you won’t forget.

  • cake Image

    April 1, 2016

  • Alabama, United States

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Which School Did Royall Cole Attend?

Pershing Early Learning

Why start competing in pageants

I enrolled royall in pageants to connect and build friendship among a diverse environment. Help Build her confidence to speak and perform in front of others, while learning the importance of sportsmanship.

What is the Nationality of Royall Cole

African American