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Nicole Renard


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A large amount of the conversation around pageantry is how to prepare for a pageant. Whether it be local or international, everyone seems to focus on preparing for this one pageant lasting a few hours or days. No one tells you about when the pageant is over and the dust settles how you could be feeling. Miss Washington 2017 is sharing the feelings she had post-Miss America on her blog. (Read: Who Are You After Your Pageant Days Have Ended?)

About the blog post

Miss Washington 2017, Nicole Renard, recently wrote a blog post titled, "The truth about being a state titleholder," on her blog "Do Something." After feeling isolated during her post-Miss America year of service, she shared with her fellow Miss America 2017 state titleholders what she had been experiencing since her return. To her surprise, all of her fellow sister queens had been feeling exactly the same way.

Photo: Sy Bean / Seattle Refined Photo: Sy Bean / Seattle Refined

Renard decided to shed a light on the feelings of sadness and confusion and stress when the let-down after a national pageant sets in and you are feeling so alone.

"No one mentions how friends might desert you, unfollow you and try to make you miserable for an honor you worked so hard for," Renard wrote in her post. "It’s a strange concept to be around people all the time yet feel so isolated and lonely." (Read: How to Keep Going After Nationals Are Over)

She was also clear to say that she loves having the opportunity to be a state titleholder in the Miss America system.

"Being Miss Washington has been the fulfillment of one of my wildest dreams and every day I wake up thrilled that I was the one chosen for this job this year," Renard said. "But the job is hard and I’m not going to hide behind or cover up the fact that every day is not fun."

About her recommendations

She makes fantastic recommendations for everyone on how to help a titleholder who may be struggling after their national pageant. Renard recommends that board members and directors check in with their titleholders regularly and keep in mind th.at they have volunteered for this position and taken a year off of their life to serve the state. (Read: 10 Things Your Pageant Director Wants to Say to You But Never Will)

Renard reminds everyone that titleholders can use encouragement after their national pageant like they needed it before their national pageant. She tells contestants to dream bigger than a pageant because their purpose goes far beyond the Miss America stage. To read the full blog post, you can check out her blog here.

Thank you for shedding a light on the struggles of post-national competition that every titleholder faces

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