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Nathalia Lampkin


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Black
  • Image Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Image Height 5ft 5inch
  • Image Weight 111lbs

Hello my name is Nathalia Lampkin I am currently 16 years old, and a full time student enrolled at Thomas Edison CTE high school. Being the daughter of a single parent I always valued the hard work my mom has put in to making my dreams come true. Whether that was paying for my sponsorship fees for Miss New York Teen USA two years in a row, purchasing my evening gown, and completing all that is required for prepareing for a pageant I applaud her. Being a teenager It is my duty to find my interest in what career field I wish to emabrk on during my Adult year, that being said I am currently a web design student earning the photoshop CS6 certification(which is a popular adobe digital platform used to edit or create art work). Trying to get various exposure into the art world I am also an entrepreneur student enrolled in NFTE(Network for teaching entrepreneurship) where I am currently designing my own business plan which I plan on bribing to life in the next few months of 2019. As a child I have always dreamed of one day becoming an inspiration for many young women across the world as former Miss USA title holders such as the former Miss USA Rachel Smith was for me.

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    April 7, 2002

  • New York, United States


Dancer, Web designer, Entrepreneur NFTE student, and model

What is the Occupation of Nathalia Lampkin

I am currently a full time student, being a teen comes with various responsibilities that is why I the role of volunteering at local parks and public areas within New York City to clean the up the polluted items left behind by visitors. Thanks to Skills USA I was able to become a member and take the initiative to make the world a healthier place for the future generations. To continue to charitable abilities I become a New York cares volunteer which I donate coats every winter to the homeless and less fortunate for the winter months.

Why start competing in pageants

I decided to take on the journey of making my dream a reality to begin competing in pageants, after being inspired by former title holders. Being a young girl anticipating watching Miss USA every year my love for their charitable abilities and inspiring stories grew my interest in wanting to follow the same path.

FUN FACTS about Nathalia Lampkin

She loves vanilla Carmel milkshake, enjoys a day at the beach, summer is her favorite season, and she is part of a dance duo at her high school

What is the Nationality of Nathalia Lampkin

African American