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Nadine Badry


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When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, there is a choice –sink or swim. Along with feeling those deeper pains of life comes the feeling of pure joy when one becomes wiser from the teachings that come with such life experiences. The journey takes time. Nadine Badry has chosen to swim, and is fascinated with the wisdom that comes from survival whether it’s through her own experiences or listening to the amazing stories of others. Through past traumas, career opportunities, marriage/divorce and other life experiences, Nadine’s reward is trusting that through time, a desire to grow, stable surroundings, and determination, pure joy is attainable.
Born on June 28, 1977, Nadine was raised outside of Heisler, Alberta, Canada - a farming community located two hours southeast of Edmonton. Her life was surrounded by family (parents and 4 siblings), grounded morals, values and hope which are the core of what gets her through many challenging life experiences.
On June 29, 1981, Nadine’s life nearly ended when she lost her left leg in a farming accident. Spending one year away from home fighting for her life, enduring a leg amputation, countless surgeries and skin grafting’s and having to learn how to walk with the use of crutches was only the start to her new life in having to cope with the vast life experiences that were to follow – all at the age of 4 years old. Nadine was raised to face adversity and challenges – never to run from it. The fallout of a traumatic event such as this has had varying effects on each member of her family – effects that each person still works through to this day.
In 1995, she graduated from Daysland High School and moved to Edmonton, Alberta where she enrolled in a full time program at NAIT. By April 1997 Nadine obtained her Office Administration certificate and began employment with the University of Alberta as the Assistant to the Director of Development in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. Nadine stayed with this position for 6 years. In 2002, Nadine accepted a position at the School of Business, University of Alberta, in the capacity of Conference Facilities and Building Manager. In a supervising capacity, Nadine has had to work with some challenging personalities and has learned the difference between what she can do to make the situation better, and letting go of what she can’t. Facing different types of adversities, Nadine has sought out educational opportunities to learn and grow from these experiences, inclusive of Supervisory Development Program, Management Essentials Program, and Graduate Certificate in Project Management to name a few. Nadine was identified by the NASA Operations team to become a Union Steward, which she has acted as since 2014. She also accepted the opportunity to be a member of NASA’s HR Committee where she is involved in decisions pertaining to NASA Union employee positions (Labor Relations Officers, Administrative Staff, and Director of Operations).
In 2000, Nadine was married and by 2004 was blessed with 2 healthy children. The marriage proved to be very challenging; in 2009, Nadine and her spouse divorced. This was a devastating time for Nadine and her children when they moved out to start over. As the relationship with her now ex-husband involves challenging dynamics, Nadine continually seeks out ways to improve communication with her ex-husband so the children can be properly parented as best they can, in the particular situation that exists.
Nadine has since completed Dispute Resolution, Introductory Mediation and Multi-Party Mediation. Emotional Intelligence and exposing vulnerabilities has brought much peace, closure and perspective to Nadine in relation to the daily challenges she faces.
Fascinated with the study of human pathways and having networks to discover alternate dispute resolutions, Nadine wishes to continue her studies in this area in hopes to inspire/assist others in their pursuit to resolve issues in a healthy manner. Nadine has been able to provide productive guidance to her co-workers, family and friends as a result of these studies.
Nadine has obtained a Qualified Mediation designation (May 2017).
Raising two children (now 16 and 14) largely on her own, Nadine is finding more time for herself to discover and live her passions in this next phase of life.

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    June 28, 1977

  • Alberta, Canada

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, University of Alberta, Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta

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I have one leg! :)

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