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Miss World Saskatoon 2019


  • Image Hair Color Black
  • Image Eye Color Brown
  • Image Zodiac Sign Leo
  • Image Height 5ft 6inch
  • Image Weight 115lbs

My name is Shalom Ogoh. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Canada in 2012 at the age of 17. My parents believed in a higher and better education which is why they allowed me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

Currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of Saskatchewan where I major in Business Economics & Statistics including achieving a certificate in Marketing. It is my passion to become an avid activist and pursue successful entrepreneurial ventures in Real Estate, Telecommunications and the Beauty-Fashion Industry. In my quest to finding who I am, and what I stand for (platform), I discovered my love for travel, public speaking, acting, volunteerism & passion to stand up for women and children. In my experience, growing up and living in a third world country has opened my heart to Appreciation, Patience and Forgiveness. My biggest Hero and Mentor is my father, who trained me not to yearn for Materialism but to seek Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding in Prayer and Sincerity. The moment I knew how to speak, I did not stop talking, I wanted to pronounce every word. I started reading storybooks and novels from a very young age that greatly influenced my imagination. In my journey, I value spirituality because it’s taught me to be Fearless, Honest, Kind and most especially to Forgive and Forget right away

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    July 26, 1994

  • Saskatchewan, Canada

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Pageant Platform

Children's Wish Foundation

What is the Occupation of Miss World Saskatoon 2019

Full-Time Student in Business Economics and Statistics

Which School Did Miss World Saskatoon 2019 Attend?

University Of Saskatchewan

Why start competing in pageants

My platform started when I decided to start a career in the modelling industry with mindfulness to build my self-confidence. In Achieving great success breaking into the industry, I discovered I wanted more, which brings me to shine a light on my passion and causes through pageantry.

FUN FACTS about Miss World Saskatoon 2019

If my house was on fire, the first thing i'd grab is a book. The books I read are a represnt an atom of inspiring contribution in my life. picking out the best book that triggers my mind is rare. My mentor is my dad, then my books.

What is the Nationality of Miss World Saskatoon 2019

African descent